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Dewinterizing, But Water Won't Get To Sinks

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2004 Fleetwood Revolution 40C

We purchased this coach last fall after it had already been winterized by the dealer. Now that the weather is starting to look better, we decided to flush out the antifreeze, sanitize the tank and water lines, and then test the water heater. Problem is that, while I've gotten fresh water to flow to the outside shower, water heater, indoor shower, and toilet, it doesn't seem to find its way to the lavatory sink nor to the kitchen sink. I get some dribbles but no flow. And it doesn't matter if the hose is connected and turned on (fresh water inlet valve is in "city water" position, of course), or whether I disconnect the hose and use the pump (seems to be working all right, and I now have about a half tank of water onboard, according to the sensor panel). There's no evidence of leaks, either.

Any ideas? I'm guessing some sort of blockage in one or more of the water lines, or maybe some kind of valve that I might have missed, though I've searched thoroughly.

Valve positions now:

--fresh water inlet/bypass: Closed ("city")

--cold water drain: Closed

--hot water drain: Closed

--water heater bypass: Normal

--water heater drain: Closed

--washer/dryer hot and cold: both Closed

Thanks in advance!

--Tim Colburn F428940

Park Forest, IL

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Thank you, Brett! That was exactly the problem--aerators were clogged. Everything is running fine now.

Can't wait to get out on the road!


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