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Tow Dolly For Motorcycle And Car

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I am looking for a used or new tow dolly for a Harley Davidson trike 9 1/2ft long an a CRV . Right now I have a trailer but I will have to sell that .

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I own a Tandem Tow Dolly to haul my Golfcart & Car. I purchased the trailer in Aug 13 and used it to go to Fl leaving our home in Aurora,IL on Christmas Day.

The trailer worked great only problem we had was going through southern IL on Rt 47 we were about a 1/4 mile behind a salt truck and when we arrived in FL we found that the salt had chipped the paint off from the trailer. When we came home in April 14 and I was able to look under the trailer and found that most of the paint was chipped from the frame & axle and my brand new trailer looked about 10 years old completely covered with rust.

I contacted the Manufacturer in North Carolina and they refused to warranty the paint chipping because I towed the trailer on a road where salt was being used!

I could not believe they would not stand behind the paint job but they told me to read the the warranty and it states they will not cover paint damage from road salt.

Even though the trailer was less than a year old I got nothing from them, however they said if I wanted to bring it by they would take a look at it... Well being 1500 miles away that was not an option for me.

I ended up having to replace the front amber clearence lights because they rusted away inside, then I had to purchase new plastic wear pads that go under the wheel pans (where the front car wheels sit on the trailer) and I had to purchase those from the manufacturer they would not even replace them for free. I sanded the rust off the best that I could then I repainted the trailer using a product called IRON ARMOUR.

Hope this info helps. you can contact me @ my email if you would like any more info about the trailer.

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