MCD Duo American Shade Bracket Breaks

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Last week while driving on a somewhat bumpy road in our 08 40' Allegro Bus the right end (motor end) of our American Duo Shades windshield shade crashed to the dashboard with the other end still up at the top of the windshield. My wife really jumped.

Fortunately I was able to see enough under the shade to continue driving and we were about 15 minutes (out of a 2 day drive) from our destination.

After taking the shade down I determined that the braket at the motor end had failed right at the right-angle bend in the bracket. It appears that it failed due to metal fatigue.

I am wondering -

1. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

2. I plan to call MCD tomorrow, does anyone know of a place for parts for the shades other than MCD?

Our Bus seems to really take some of the bumps and irregularities in the roads badly and the road conditions seem to be worse this year. This is after putting new shocks on in February with maybe 1000 miles on them.

Appreciate any comments.


Amby N

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I had my shade brackets made at a sheetmetal shop locally, I had them form 16 gauge stainless steel, and drilled the holes myself. Much better than those that came from the factory.

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Give Peggy Grist a call at MCD. I know that they have locations around the country that installs their shades. They have several coach Mfgs. that use their shades. If you are going to Redmond MCD will be there and if you call them they will have a solution for your problem.

Let us know how you make out.


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Last year that happened to me on my 08 Tuscany. Really quite scary. I called MCD they sent me new updated design brackets free of charge. I think it wasn't installed right the beginning as it would bounce around quite a bit. With the new brackets its solid as a rock. Now a happy camper.

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