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If You Use RVparkreviews. com...

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I thought this might be useful to some people...
Many people have probably received an email from asking that you check and verify your user name for that site. This is NOT SPAM.

As an admin for RVParkReviews let me clarify this request. The current site software does not associate reviews of parks with a displayed individual's name (obviously, the system knows who submits each review). However, the new software platform we are migrating to next month will display a name for each review in much the same way that TripAdvisor does.

Many RVPR's members used their real names when they signed up to join the site. Some took advantage of the ability to create a "display name" but many did not. This didn't matter if names weren't associated with reviews but it might bother some people to have their names publicly linked to some reviews they have posted, particularly unfavorable ones.

The purpose of this email is to give members the chance to change the name that will be displayed. It does not require you to make a change; it only notifies you of the right to do so if you wish.

Here's the link to the webpage where you can check your RVPR account settings: RVPR account settings:

Chris Guenther
Westminster, CO

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Thanks Chris. I wondered if this was another fishing expedition but looked at the link and the actual site and decided it was real. I checked mine. This is a good explanation of what the concern was. By the way, thanks also for your participation in It is a site that I find quite useful and use often both to check on a site and also simply to find a good campground in a specific location.

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