LCD Television Acceptable Temperature Range

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I have been considering replacing my standard TVs with new LCD flat screens. I have read that regular house models are not good because they can’t tolerate the extreme temperatures during storage. (Closed RV in summer sun 130F+, winter upstate NY below 0F).

However, I have only found one brand (Jensen) that the specs mention extreme temperatures. Camping world sells regular TVs for use in motor homes. Their tech support people said they are meant for full timers who do not store their coaches (give me a break).

Both Sylvania and Toshiba tech support confirm that their OPERATING temperature range is 41F to 104F. Neither had any info on STORAGE temperature ranges. Toshiba said that freezing temperatures would not be good for LCD displays. However, he conceded that they do ship new TVs to northern climates in winter in unheated trucks.

So, have any of you installed regular LCD TVs in your coach and stored them in hot summer heat or below freezing winters? If so, any problems? What brands/models did you use? Have any of you bought a coach with a regular LCD TV in it?

Please help.



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We have a 2008 TREK with a 26" Sharp Acquos LCD TV. Last year, we had the unit in storage in Madison, WI until mid January. The temperature was down below 0F at more than one point. After we reached Florida, we fired it up and had no problems so whatever.

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