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Tampa to Fredericksburg


We are looking to take a trip from Tampa, Fl to Fredericksburg, VA.  Any suggestions on the best route(s) and places to stop overnight. Interesting things to see would also be appreciated. We are Passport America members so looking to take advantage of the discounts. We probably won't travel more than 4 to 5 hours a day.

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Simple would be I 4 to I 95 and head north. 95 after to get into South Carolina will seem like FOREVER because there is nothing to see by trees. But its a straight shot with plenty of places to camp and boondock for a night. 

Stone Mountain is AWESOME but your looking at of course I75 to GA and then you could run 85 to 95.

Pros and Cons of 75/85/95  
TRAFFIC at the wrong time of day. Go through ATL at the wrong time of day and your kick you and everyone else around you. 85 from Lawrence area North is pretty country and a lot to see and eat. IF you want I can go into picky details but dont be afraid to stop and just explore. 
I75 has some cool stuff just be super careful of So. GA as they can be picky about speed. 

When you get up to Greenville Spartanburg area can be congested a bit but overall smooth and the folks will treat you good. 

Cracker Barrel is a favorite in my house because the grub is good and they are usually always RV friendly if they are near the interstate. They are all up 85 so feel free to eat well. 

Gas prices are good along SC 85 route and big rig friendly from what I remember. 

When you get into NC around Durham be very careful when you leave your coach. Typically not a problem but im from Henderson NC and being a native I have had issues - not with my coach but issues never the less. LOCK YOU DOORS and treat Durham to Henderson like the big city. 

Southern VA to 85/95 is pretty boring so try not to stop too much. Once you get on 95 the fun begins. Any and everything you want is available. REMEMBER Richmond traffic during the day is OK ... from 3pm to 7 is ****. So may places to stop if you end up in that Richmond to DC traffic you'll be fine --- did I mention good eats too? Once you get north of Richmond your in Fredricksburg so thats a quick skinny. 



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If you will be traveling up I-95, be sure to make plans for Savannah Ga., a very historic visit, if you like history, Ft. Pulaski if a very worth while tour. Tyby island has a very nice campground, I don't think is is Passport, but may have changed since 5 years ago.

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