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T minus 24 hours 'til Ignition (Turn the engine on)

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First, as a Newbie to FMCA I wanted to mention that FMCA and the web site have been great! The site is full of good stuff, more than I can get to in one life time -- information on CAT engines, Allison transmissions, tires, and a variety of other information.

As we begin our West to East then North to South then East to West trip this coming Saturday we are looking for suggestions to see, do, or eat ... and for input from folks who have previously traveled the byways and highways of America. We have received some great suggestions!!!

Our trip route in general is East on I10, North on I17 Taos NM, East on I40 to Amarillo TX, East on I40 to Oklahoma OK, then North-East on I44 Branson MO, US-60/I24 to Nashville TN, I24/I40/I81/I77 to Hillsville VA, I77/I81/I66 to College Park MD.

Campground reservations are in Flagstaff AZ, Taos NM, Amarillo TX, Oklahoma OK, Branson MO, Nashville TN, Hillsville VA, ending in College Park MD.

By the way, I did a goggle search on the definition of "T minus" (which we use in our blog entry title... whew! my brain has OD'd on the responses.... suffice to say we'll continue with the "T minus" way of measuring time.

Today is Friday, one day before we leave. Dale the Dog has a beauty appointment at 8 AM, then the Boss has a beauty appointment or two starting at 9 AM. Hmmmmm, apparently I don't get a beauty appointment. I did ask Dale, he just gave a lick... the Boss suggested I put on a clean tee shirt before getting in the RV with Dale and her in the morning :lol::o

Also today the computer will be loaded along with the printer. We will be using a wireless card for communications.

Did I mentioned I've been learning to play the bagpipes during the past 12 months.... however, to keep spouse & dog harmony in the RV during the adventure, I'm just practice on the practice chanter... I'll pick up the pipes when we get back. Also, while on the trip I will be using a small beach ball to improve the strength in my bag squeezing left arm.

We are now researching the Guy's Diners, Drive-ins & Dives (the TV show)... there is a web site that shows about 150 locations....

I'm still searching for the world's biggest ball of twine... I know it's in the country someplace :o

Trudy (the Boss) spent about 32 years working in casinos, her final job was Director of Table Games. I suspect we may visit one or two of casinos during the adventure.

Not much else to check on the RV.... today will be the final loading of small stuff... then in the morning, we load the pillows and toothbrushes.


Doug, Trudy, and Dale the Dog

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