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Making your RV personal

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At first glance, the 250-plus Roadtrek Class B motorhomes gathered at the 40th anniversary corporate rally in Branson, MO look alike. But when you start walking among them, you soon realize that these touring coaches are not as alike as you may have first thought.

Each Roadtrek is tweaked, modified and personalized. To various degrees, of course. But all have been individualized. Sometimes it’s as simple as a vanity license plate. Maybe some bumper stickers. With others, it’s something more elaborate, like interior redesigns. But each motorhome reflects the personalities of the owners.


And many of them actually name their coach. Listening to them talk about their RV, you can’t help but notice they often refer to it by its nickname, as if it has a personality, too.

In this report from Branson, I walked around and chatted up folks to learn about the way they have made their Roadtrek uniquely their own.

What becomes obvious at a gathering like this is how these RVs are so much more than machines to their owners. They represent freedom. Adventure. Friendship. And each motorhome represents miles of memories.

Check out the video above.

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