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Phoneless in Colorado



Remember that new Samsung Galaxy 4S that I wrote about two weeks ago -- RVing and My New Smartphone -- Well, that smartphone did a dumb thing: It up and died on me.

It won’t charge, won’t power up and is totally dead. And I’m in the middle of a two-week RV trip in the Rockies.

I tried all the reset tricks, like removing the battery. Its certifiably dead.

Yesterday was the first time in two decades that I was without a cell phone and … I survived.

I had my calls forwarded to Jennifer Wendland’s iPhone but if you message me, know I won’t get it. And if you’ve been following our travels on that little intetactive map over on the right sidebar, it is no longer functioning.

It looks like I can’t get a replacement until I get back home to Michigan and my Verizon dealer.

My iPhone never failed ... ever…the Samsung died in two weeks. Maybe I need to go back to Apple.


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