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Listening to Little Voices

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Our adventure with our grandsons is almost at an end. Tomorrow we have a day in camp to enjoy some of the relaxation that RV'ing can offer. Since my last entry a week ago, we have taken the two boys, cousins, to several interesting sites and watched their reactions at each location.

From our base in Corydon, Indiana, we drove into Jeffersonville, Ind., to visit the Schimpff's Confectionery. This family-owned store has been operated by family members for over 100 years (started in this location in 1893). They are still using the original equipment. We were treated to their making red/white/blue peppermint lollipops for the Fourth of July. The tour was absolutely fascinating to us as adults, and the boys had their noses glued to the windows watching the candy making process. The history of the family was mixed with an explanation of the equipment in use and the chemistry/cooking of the candy. They have a great museum as well. The boys even enjoyed the old candy machine and the candy containers. Cool stuff! We got to taste some of the peppermint candy as it was cut off the roll, still warm! UMMM! The boys each bought a sucker and one for their younger sisters. We went for the chocolate! If you are in the Jeffersonville, Ind., area, stop by to visit; it's well worth the trip. We found them on a History Channel program last winter. That program triggered my planning for this trip. http://www.schimpffs.com/ (812) 283-8367

After visiting the confectionery and having lunch there, we were off to Louisville to visit the Louisville Slugger Factory. There they make baseball bats, the wooden kind. In the past, such greats as Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron among others have used Louisville Slugger bats. They give factory tours and the boys really enjoyed that though they were more interested in the gift shop than the museum. They did enjoy the batting cage and endured the movie. Grandpa felt he had to buy them a baseball bat with their name on it. Someday they will appreciate it!

We spent the evening on Friday riding around downtown Corydon on our bicycles. This was our first chance to be out and about with the bicycles since the accident. All four of us made several rounds around the downtown area. Saturday morning we were off on another adventure, this time in the motor home. We drove the most direct route to Thorntown, IN, on little roads through scenic territory in southern Indiana. The trip turned out to be on very small roads before we got to our destination. Even so, we saw some beautiful and remote territory.

Our site at the Old Mill Run Campground was not close to level but the owners actually brought several tractor scoops of gravel to elevate our front wheels so that we were eventually able to level the coach. This campground has been converted to about 90% seasonal sites and the transient sites are the least desirable. Good people, just making the best of their market. The campground had everything the boys wanted. We had a playground near our site, a heated swimming pool and good weather.

OMR Campground was our base camp for the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. The museum is being expanded and I can't wait to see the completion of the current work. There are dinosaurs bursting out of the side of a building and another sticking its head into a building. An Egyptian scene with pyramids is being constructed on the roof and who knows what other exhibits will be inside when they are done. The boys loved the trains and really grooved on the dinosaurs. We ate lunch and they went back for more dinosaurs. They had a dinosaur dig with bones buried in a coarse sand/tire shreds/weak glue mixture that made the digging sort of realistic. The boys spent at least 30 minutes working away, and much of the time the museum docent was talking with them and digging right along side them. I don't think they will ever forget the experience. Then they had a chance to talk with a real paleontologist. The young docent connected much better with them! They spent another half hour in the dinosaur art area, reconstructing a dino head on a scale model skull. We adults were growing impatient but... kids rule! They found the games and enjoyed another half hour or so before they announced the closing of the museum. The gift shop was of course open for a half hour after the museum closed so they still had time to shop. http://www.childrensmuseum.org/

Back at the campground, I BBQ'ed for the second night in a row. The boys played at the playground while Grandpa and Grandma prepared dinner. By the way, the boys are sleeping later and later in the morning. Grandma is now getting up before the boys are out of bed! Are we winning or just too proud to admit defeat?

Monday was a travel day again. This trip was mostly on Interstate highways from Thorntown to Chatham, Ill., just south of Springfield. Again a very nice park, Double J has a nice playground, swimming pool, putt-putt golf, tennis court and basketball area. The park is beautifully kept and the pull through sites are about 80 feet long. There are lots of trees but we still managed to find a spot for our satellite dish to work. This keeps grandpa and grandma sane! Their internet connection isn't working for us but our T-Mobile signal is plenty strong.

Today (Tuesday) we visited the Lincoln Home and downtown Springfield. The boys liked the home but when we got to the museum they were more interested in playing some putt putt golf and swimming. So... being of sound mind, we gave up on the Presidential Museum and headed back to camp. The tour guide for the Lincoln Home had mentioned that there was a flag ceremony at 7:00 p.m. at the Lincoln Tomb on Tuesday nights. We took the boys despite their general lack of interest. The civil war uniforms, soldiers firing their rifles in a salute followed by the cannon as the US flag was lowered really got their blood flowing. We were able to walk the parade grounds and pick up some of the paper wads with gun powder residue in them after the ceremony. The boys really like that. Then when we got them lined up with several soldiers for a picture and one of them put his hat on my oldest grandson, they were really captured! Another night they won't forget.

Rain is in the forecast and I hear the thunder rumbling as I write this. Tomorrow is a campground day. We'll enjoy what we can of the campground between rain showers. Thursday we'll head for home. The boys were given the option of another day here in camp but want to get back home to see moms, dads and sisters so once again, we'll let them have their way! YES!!!! We are winning, they cried UNCLE! Age and treachery does overcome youth! Really, the boys have adjusted to camping in the RV amazingly well. They have their routine chores, making and breaking down their bed, taking care of their clothes and toys. There has been little complaint and they are getting along after eight days together just like they were at the beginning of the trip. We might have to do this again!!! Oh no, I think they are winning after all!

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