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How We Roll in our RV: Keeping it clean



In the latest edition of How We Roll in our RV, Jennifer and I answer a question from Sarah in Omaha, NE about how we clean it, inside and outside.

Jennifer says she uses Clorox Wips inside, along with wood and leather cleaner. But has us both excited is this mazing KAYWOS (Klean Anything Without Streaking) cloth …

It is great at removing bugs, road gunk, bird droppings, dirt and grime from the exterir of our RV. In fact, without soap or water, we in essence cleaned the whole RV with the cloth, which is reusable. You wet it, wring it dry and start cleaning We both demonstrate in the video.

The cloths can be washed but let them air dry.

They also clean mirrors and glass and I use one for my computer screens as well.

They are available really cheap at http://www.roadtrekingstore.com/kaywoscloth.html.

Do you have a question about How We Roll in our RV. Just send me an email at openmike@fmca.com.


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