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Flooded Motorhome



Have you ever seen a flooded motorhome? It is not a pretty picture.

While preparing to leave Cincinnati, I decided to dump the holding tanks and flush the black water tank. I turned on the water and told Gloria to remind me about the water.

Then, I decided we needed to visit a motorhome that just came in to the FMCA Roundbottom campground. While we were enjoying our visit with the Griffiths, the water at our motorhome kept running.

Pat and Debbie Branigan came in to the campground to park, and they noticed water dripping from every place where there was a crevice. They called me and I proceeded to welcome them to the campground. They asked me where I was and I said, "looking at you," and Pat said I better look at the motorhome. Debbie turned off the water and we proceeded inside to look at the damage.

Thanks go to several people who jumped right in and helped to get the water up. We borrowed a mop and wet-vac from the Roundbottom office and got a lot of the water up. Then we took towels and dried the carpet as much as possible. Two of the campers loaned us fans to help dry out the carpet. Today, it looked different in the daylight. Thank goodness I didn't turn the handle to the black tank; the water that came into the motorhome was fresh from the shower drain.

With the incident over, with it was time to move on. That was when I forgot to unhook the electric cord, which I found when I hooked up the truck. No damage done, so on the road we went.

RVing really is "all about having fun," even if the fun is at my expense.


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