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Traveling with the Prez



After we left Cincinnati our trip was uneventful untill we ran into more water. This time it wasn't coming from the shower drain but from the sky. It started out as a few drops, only to get heavier and heavier until we could not see the 18-wheeler in front of us. It rained on us all the way to Millersburg, Ohio.

The rain and wind was causing the leaves to fall like snowflakes and it was beautiful. The colors in this part of Ohio were further along than around Cincinnati. By the time we get to York, Pa., the colors should be in full swing.

We met the Ohio Nomads and went out to dinner with them. The restaurant was Amish and the food was delicious. It was hard not to overeat. The area is Amish and there are lots of Amish stores and crafts. I may have to take Gloria shopping or for a little sightseeing. That is not something I enjoy, but after flooding the motorhome, I will do it if I have to.


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