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More Rain



blog-0220991001382032571.jpgWe left Cincinnati and it rained on us to Berlin, Ohio. It rained Saturday, and when we left on Sunday it was still raining. We arrived in York, Pa., to cloudy skies but no rain. We got settled in and visited a few people. After dinner on Sunday night, while returning to our motorhome we ran into the Yankee Travelers we had met at Scusset Beach, MA. It was like an old homecoming -- lots of hugs and "I've missed you." It was so good to see them again.

It rained on Monday and again on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I heard we had 11 inches of rainfall. It quit Saturday and we had a beautiful sunrise and the rain stayed away long enough for the GEAR Parade.

The rally was held in a building that was big enough for everything: seminars, donuts, entertainment, crafts, and food vendor. We probably could have put show coaches inside also. When we left the coach in the morning we didn't come back to it until after entertainment. I want to thank all the parkers, security, trams, and people who had to work in the rain. I know it wasn't fun being wet and cold.

We had a sock hop with the poodle skirts, the Marlin Brothers, Sarah Getto, and Jimmy Fortune for entertainment. They were all good and the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves. We had one lady who could really dance. She could shake every bone in her body and everyone enjoyed watching her dance. The ice cream social was great. You got all the ice cream you wanted with toppings, too.

We left on Sunday morning headed back to Cincinnati and it rained some more. The motorhome and truck needed a major wash job when we arrived in Cincinnati. The truck did get one, but I'm still waiting on the Wash Fairy to appear to do the motorhome.

The next two weeks will be filled with Executive Board meetings in Cincinnati. I'm looking forward to seeing all the Executive Board and getting on with the business part of FMCA. We can have lots of fun but we also have to take care of the business.


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