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As the RVing Days Dwindle Down



blog-0320672001381927767.pngThe temperature outside my Roadtrek in the driveway of our Michigan home was 34 degrees this morning.

That’s the coldest yet this season and a reminder that soon, there will be no putting off the fact that it needs to be winterized.

We still have a couple of long weekend trips planned and I am hoping that I can do them without pushing antifreeze down all the pipes. It’s funny, really, because even when the RV is winterized, there’s no reason I can’t use it. You just carry drinking water and use antifreeze to flush the toilet. No big deal.

But still, winterizing means winter and winter means cold and, well, the fact of the matter is this has been such a great season for our RV that I hate to see it end. November and December are the times we use it the least.

It won’t be long till the first of the snowbirds head south. These are usually Class A owners and they tend to sit in one spot all season long. We’re not like that with our Class B. And since we tend to move around a lot, it’s hard to get reservations n Florida. Impossible, really. So I don’t think we’ll even try Florida this year.

Instead, we’re looking at a trip after the New Year, over towards the Texas Hill Country and the southwest.

But this relatively inactive time after the first hard freeze settles in until the holidays are over always leaves me a little sad. I hate to see a good thing end… even if it’s temporary.

Guess the best cure for the off season blues is to plan the next season.

How about you? What are your plans for the next couple of months?

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We have been back one week after 109 days from Ottawa to Tofino (west coast Vancouver Island) to Portland OR to Washington DC and back home. A simply fascinating and educational 16,627km/10,392 miles trip. Unpacking is done and our Roadtrek P190 has been winterized. Tomorrow I take it to its winter parking spot - so sad! But! 'already planning next year's Newfoundland adventure AND sorting 5,000 photos from this year's big trip.<br />Cheers<br />Graham

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