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How We Roll in Our RV – Bedding Storage



blog-0570619001383663453.jpgOne of the most asked questions Jennifer and I receive from readers deals with how we sleep in our Roadtrek eTrek Class B motorthome. Our answer is … great!

Seriously, we both agree we sleep better in the Roadtrek than we do in our king-sized Sleep Number bed at home.

And that has to do with that we sleep on and in while camping out in the Roadtrek.

In this edition of How We Roll in our RV, we answer two reader questions about where we store our bedding.

We make the eTrek sofa up into a king sized bed at night and use a four inch Wamsutta Fresh and Cool mattress topper that we picked up last year at a Bed Bath & Beyond store while traveling through South Dakota. Jennifer shows how we store in in the overhead cabinet at the rear of the bed. It takes up every inch of space up there but it fits in just fine.

On top of the topper, we use an RV Superbag. It’s a king sized bag with a summer and winter side and very comfortable sheets Velcroed inside. I show how we roll it up and put in in the armoire that we have installed in place of the seat that normally is behind the driver. Here’s a link to the RV Superbag video review Jennifer did last year.

Yes, I know those bags are expensive. But we really like it, so much that we also invested in two individual RV Superbags.

I use a single when I travel alone or bring a grandkid or buddy with me on a hunting or fishing trip.

Got a questions you’d like us to answer? Send an e-mail to openmike@fmca.com.


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