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Solving the Problem of Bad Doggie Breath in the RV



blog-0550766001384781986.jpgWe love to take our Norwegian Elkhound, Tai, with us when we go Roadtreking.

Except for one thing.

His breath.

It stinks. Literally.

In the confined space of an RV, dog breath can get pretty disgusting. We’ve tried chicken-flavored dog toothpaste and brushing his teeth. It works a little. But chicken flavored dog breath is almost as bad as regular dog breath.

So it was with great interest that we just discovered something called Orapup – a dog breath brush.

It comes with a couple bottles of Lickies, a liquid that you squeeze onto the soft bristles of the brush. Then you take the brush to your pup and, they love it, liking it all off. It has some natural enzyme that gets rid of bad dog breath and is also supposed to help prevent plaque.

My granddauhters Hua Hua and Rachel were over when we put it to the test.

Tai loved the stuff.

After he licked the brush clean, the girls did a doggie breath test. Their verdict: It works.

Jennifer checked, too. She says life with Tai in the RV will be better after he licks that brush. We’ll be taking it with us on future trips with the dog.

Rachel, meanwhile, pointed out to me that the company also has a tongue brush meant for humans.

She suggested I might want to try it to help with my “Grandpa breath.”



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