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How We Roll in our RV: Removing Pet Hair



Yesterday it was bad pet breath, today, readers want to know how we remove pet hair from our RV.

Jennifer and I share how we clean p after our Norwegian Elkhound, Tai. It's not rocket science. The Halo Leather seats of our eTrek help. We throw a cover over them, then shake the hair out each day.

As for the throw runs and the rest of the interior of the Roadtrek eTrek we travel in, Jen uses a collapsible broom, an old fashioned whisk brook and sometimes, good old duct tape.

One thing we purchased that we are not happy with is the portable “Dustbuster” vacuum. We’ve tried a couple models and found they don’t hold a charge and really don’t do a very good job.

We’ve found the best tool is prevention. We brush Tai during walks. Daily brushing outside makes for much less inside shedding.

How about you? Use comments below to share how you clean up after your pet.


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Great idea. Amusing that we all travel with our pets; yet, when you shop for RVs that are used, 100% have never had pets in them. How's that work?!

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One additional recommendation is a rubber glove designed for bathing the dog. It has a textured side which will take the hair off any carpet, fabric and even the covered walls. A rubber glove will also work.

Secondly, one thing we found in Arizona is dog bathing stations at the local car wash. They are coin operated and work very well. A good bath helps to remove all the loose hair and helps keep the shedding down for a week or so. We try to bath our dog a few times when we first go south to help her loose her Canadian winter coat.

Beth & Bill Smyth

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