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The Next Saga



We traveled to Rayne, Louisiana for the Cruisin' Cajun Christmas Rally. They also had the installation of new officers for 2014. I had promised Steve Champagne that if I was elected FMCA President I would install him. You have to keep a promise. Since it was cold it was nice to stay inside and Gloria got her share of playing Hand and Foot. We visited with old friends and made new ones. Gloria and I also did a lot of dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. Thank you Cajuns for a good time.

I don't remember if I mentioned it the last time I wrote about having to put Nuk Nuk, the goat down because of old age and arthritis. It was sad because he had been a companion to horses and cows for thirteen years, While in Rayne, Glynn and Jeanette Romero said they had a pet pigmy goat that they needed to give away to a good home. Well, guess what, we brought Gucci home in a pet carrier in the back floorboard of my truck.

The weather in Arkansas took a turn for the worst while we were gone and we didn't know if we could make it home from Rayne or not. We made it to the end of our drive way without any trouble. Since not very much traffic comes to the end of the road we live on it was a thick sheet of ice. We made it as far as the incline to the drive and we stopped. The motor home would not go any further. I finally disconnected the truck and tried the motor home. It made it to the edge of the pasture and buried up. That was not good. It stayed there all night with the hydra-hot on and the auto gen start set. I will call Coach Net today and hopefully get it pulled out and back in the barn.

This morning I got out with the tractor and blade and have been pushing ice out of the drive way. It is a cold job and I would rather be somewhere warm. Hope the weather improves soon. We are headed to Cincinnati on Wednesday (not in the motor home but car). The Gear Rally gave the Cincinnati office a donation for their Christmas party and we are going to be here along with John and Sondra Walker.


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