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My RV Has Turned Into an Igloo



blog-0057289001387200256.jpgThis is only temporary. That’s what I keep telling myself when I look out in in my snowy Michigan driveway and instead of seeing our Roadtrek eTrek out there, we only see an igloo.

Look for yourself at the accompanying photos, below.

We got our first big snow over the weekend and while it indeed is looking a lot like Christmas, it just seems, well, wrong, to see the RV covered under all that white stuff.

I snowblowed the driveway and then took some photos before I removed as much of the snow as I could. The top solar panels are covered in snow, so I doubt they are trickle charging. I will get up there with a ladder today and get them cleared off.

I also went through the Radtrek and brought anything with a battery – like my clock and my outdoor/indoor thermometer and my walkie talkies – inside, where the cold won’t drain the batteries.

Somehow, even with all that snow, I found beauty in the Roadtrek’s lines.

I started the engine and the heater, warmed it up good and hung out in it for a few minutes.

Soon, loyal eTrek, as soon as Christmas is over, we will hit the road to warmer climes.

I promise.

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Hey Mike, glad to see you are having fun in the snow. Given your recent travels north, what is your sense of the potential corrosion issues related to driving on salted roads with a class B. I'm wondering how vulnerable the "coach" parts are to road salt.

Thanks and great travels

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