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Our 2014 Roadtreking Goals



blog-0138376001388668625.jpgHappy New Year!

Like many we’ve been reflecting a lot on the places we’ve been and the people we met in 2013. We’ve even drawn up a tentative travel schedule of our planned travel destinations for the new year.

But I’ve also come up with some new goals, above and beyond the specifics of where and when we’ll go. I call it my Roadtreking self improvement list.

Here are the things I want to learn or do better with in 2014:

1) Stop, look and listen more – Last year was a crazy year, travel wise. We covered over 35,000 miles in our Roadtrek eTrek, criss-crossing North America. While we loved every mile, I have to conceded that we missed a lot. Sometimes I was so focused on where I was headed that I missed things I should have noticed where I was at. I want to slow down, stay longer and more throughly investigate the places we visit. There is no hurry.

2) Take more and better photos – I think I’ll take a photo class this new year. I want to learn more about light and composition and wildlife photography. Same with video and video editing. Most of my skills I picked up as a television and newspaper reporter., on deadline, covering time sensitive news stories. I want to follow along and learn from some of the amazing photographers I’ve met this year. And I want to tell more stories with stills.

3) Read and learn more about the history of the places we visit – Every town has a local history book at the library, a local historian who we can contact to understand what makes the locale unique. The places we visit all have a story to tell and coming to understand that story and use it in enriching the stories I’m telling will be part of my journalistic due diligence this year.

4) Eat better and exercise more – Travel can wreak havoc on our health. We will prepare more of our meals from fresh, healthy whole foods and local veggies and produce in our RV kitchenthis year, instead if eating out. We will avoid at all costs fast food from the chains. I will bring bicycles with us on our trips and we will cycle, hike, kayak and workout in some way every day, no matter where we are, doing something to be physically active to work up a fat-burning sweat.

5) Do more RV mods and maintenance – Inspired by Roadtreking friends like Campskunk and Roger and Lynn Brucker, I will learn more about simple mechanical and fix-it ways I can keep our RV running great. I will also look at ways to maximize interior space through DIY projects. Along with these, I will learn more about how the various components work and what I can do to make them keep working.

How about you? What are your RV goals for 2014?

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This past summer we spent 3 1/2 months crossing Canada from Ottawa to the west coast of Vancouver Island and back across the northern US. It took 8 weeks to cross Canada visiting more than 40 local, regional and national museums, historical sites etc etc. Yes taking the time to learn about the local/regional history certainly enriches the experience. We also keep a detailed daily journal so we don't forget stuff for the Trip Reports I write later. The year before we spent 8 weeks in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in our Pop190. Again we went SLOWLY and visited heaps of museums etc. For 2014 our destination is Newfoundland - my Christmas stocking stuffer was a fabulous book on the history of Newfoundland that also gave me lots of ideas as to where to go of historic as well as scenic interest. With Newfoundland explored I will be able to finish a book in progress that details our travels Canada coast to coast plus what we learned about Canada's social history (exploration, development and settlement) in time for Canada's 150th birthday in 2017.

Happy Treking in 2014


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