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We picked the wrong Winter to live in our RV!



We picked the wrong Winter to live in our RV!!!

Yep, I am conceding that this Winter has been a little too much for this newbie. I am sitting here watching a squirrel try to maneuver a tree - he slid down the ice like a sliding board!

IMG_0087.JPG30 inches of snow - no big deal. I (Delly) love snow - as do Pop and Elly May.

18 below wind chills - staying warm with 400 gallons of propane connected to the coach.

ICE STORM --- no electricity or water to hook up -- doing just fine as long as we can get fuel for the generator!

ICE missiles shooting at the Coach --- just a little scary. Even the dog curled up in a ball and hid from that noise!

Despite all of that and now on day 2 without utilities, we are snug and warm. Guys here at our camp added more fuel to the generator. We took showers down at the neighbors' house (they have power and water). Snow melt does well for dishes and toilets.


The sun is shining.

All is well - until we climb on the roof and see how many missiles holes we have --- LOL.

See all of the limbs??? They may look small, but with 25 mph winds, they sounded like bombs!


Very thankful that the trees didn't come down too!

Our son Josh is now calling us "Popsicle" and "Delly Bar"

It is only February 6, 2014. Wonder how many more Winter days we will experience??? So far, this has been one wild Winter in our RV Adventure!


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Wow! Better you than me. Our coach remains covered in the drive waiting for Spring. Hope it gets here sooner than later. Cannot wait to hit the road!

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We live in rural area, propane heat at our home is Big bucks this year. Ditto -- one crazy snowy, cold winter. We are eager for warmer days ahead and roads to see new places. Best wishes for the rest of your winter RVg :-)

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