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Live from the FMCA Roadtrek International Rally in Kissimmee, Fla.

As part of our blogging, we now have the ability to do live videos and interviews with folks of interest to the Roadtreking world. With that, we can answer questions, too.

The videos are broadcast as live events on the Net, but also available for later playback on demand from You Tube.

The first one I did was this week with my friends Jim and Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour fame. Many of you have met the Gulds as they’ve taught technoogy at various RV gatherings around the country.

Today, while the Gulds were attending and teaching at a rally in Kissimmee, FL for about 200 members of the Roadtrek International chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association, they got me online from my Michigan home and we did a Q&A session with the audience.

It was pretty funny, really. The first eight and a half minutes or so were spent trying to figure out how to broadcast my audio to the group without feedback loops. They had the image projected up on a screen but the echo and feedback loops that they were getting looked like they’d scuttle it all for a few minutes.

After the event was recorded, Chris went in and edited out most of the sound issues.

For Jim eventually got it going as as Chris walked the floor, we took some questions and answers from the audience.

It ended up going 36 minutes.

I’m very excited about Google’s Hangout On Air technology and will be using it regularly on the blog from now on.

In fact, an hour after finishing with Chris and Jim, I set up my own Hangout On Air event and got our buddy Campskunk on to talk about fulltiming in a Class B van.

Look for that video report tomorrow. And to get notice of these, you might want to get a Google + account. I use the email ocsmike@gmail on Google +. Add me to your circle and then you will know when we’re doing these. You;ll have the ability to ask questions during live events. And everything we do will archive so they can be embedded into blog posts like this.

Hope you enjoy this!


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