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Minnie's Song

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It sits there in the driveway and sings to me, my Minnie motorhome does. When it's at home in the driveway, the song is not all that sweet, however. It has a nagging quality, and words are something like, "When are you leaving this town, and relaxing, and fishing...?"

It is very difficult to own a motorhome when you are working full-time, but I am doing the best I can. Difficult because if I am not having to hear the "When are you leaving?" song, I am busy with another tune, like "Make Digital TV Box Work" and "Run the Generator Once A Month."

And then there is that perky melody titled "Pick a weekend, any weekend..." That tune is really just like candy. You follow its advice and then you realize that going out camping on weekends is the gateway drug to disappearing in that coach forever. While driving back from my most recent weekend out, which was over a month ago now, I was ready to just keep driving and driving and...

Last time I was camping, there was a nest with baby robins right outside my upper deck (cabover bed) window to look at right as I awoke in the morning. There was a lake with smooth, silky mist rising above it with the sun. There were plenty of birds making plenty of noise.

And Minnie, for once, was very quiet.

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