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Roadtrek User Manuals Just a Click Away



blog-0598846001398260236.pngWe’ve shared this on our Facebook group but thanks to a reader’s suggestion, I thought I’d better post it here on the Roadtreking blog as well: Roadtrek has made it easy for owners of its various models to keep up with the best operating practices and learn exactly how their motorhomes work by putting new revised editions of its owners manual online.

They can be accessed directly from the company website at http://www.roadtrek.com/manuals.aspx.

The manuals, in convenient .pdf form for easy printing and reading, go all the way back to 1987.

I’ve been sending lots of readers to the download site in recent days, many of them folks who are shopping for their first Roadtrek. Others who have owned a Roadtrek for years, have misplaced their original printed manual or worn it out.

To download them directly to your computer, just right click on the file name for your model.

You will especially appreciate all the new photos, which offer great how-to information on how the features on various models work.

There are detailed notes on winterizing, de-winterizing, how to use the macerator, how the batteries and inverter work and what are the best operating positions for the various functions.

Check it out.


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