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How We Roll in Our RV: Taking Care of Your Home While on the Road Traveling



In this episode of our How We Roll in our RV series, we answer reader questions about taking care of our home while we’re off RVing and how we like the Roadtrek eTrek.

The first question came from Roger Bohnke who asks:

Q: Maybe a question for your How We Roll series… Mike and Jen, I’ve been wondering how you take care of your house while you two are on all these wonderful long trips? Do you live in a townhouse or condo you can just lock up and walk away from? We want to travel a lot when we retire, but not full time. Though we love our house and yard, I’m considering a move to lessen the hassle factor. I can see yard services, security, etc. adding a big cost to our travel budget. Of course, moving isn’t cheap either!

Love your site and your wonderful videos. Thanks for all you do! – Roger

The second question was from Tim Lynch:

Q: Really enjoy your site and videos. If I’ve got it right, you had an Adventurous before your eTrek. I’m leaning toward an eTrek for myself, but wonder if the added weight of all those batteries affects performance on the road or fuel mileage. Are there any other differences, pro or con, that you’ve seen between the two?

The name of the home security system that Jennifer mentions in this episode is SimpliSafe. I did a video report about it a few months back. Here’s a link to that story: Protecting Your Sticks-and-Bricks House While You're RVing.

Meanwhile, if you have a question you’d like Jennifer and me to answer in an upcoming episode of this regular series, just drop us a note at openmike@fmca.com.


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