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The 10 Reasons why a Type B RV May Be Right for You

blog-0093594001400180455.jpgThe RV life offers a lot of choices. From travel trailers, to fifth wheels to motorhomes, there is a vehicle to suit every style. And when it comes to motorhomes, there are essentially three choices – a big Type A (as long as 40+ feet, usually with multiple slides), a Type C (less than 30 but tall and wide, sometimes with slides) and a Type B, often called a camper van and anywhere from 20-25-feet or so in length.

You may know them as Class A, C and B. The industry thought the term “Class” sounded to elitist so switched to the word Type instead. But either modifier is correct.

Type Bs are probably the hottest selling segment of the motorized RV market these days.

But is a Type B right for you? After more than two years of Type B travel and over 50,000 miles climbing mountains, visiting seashores, National Parks and wilderness areas all over North America, I have identified 10 reasons a Type B RV may be right for you.

1) A Type B RV can go where pretty much where a car can go - A Type B is meant for getting you easily to wherever you want to go, be it a fast food parking lot off the freeway or a remote boondocking spot in the middle of a national forest or BLM lands far off the commercial grid. It is maneuverable and easy to drive yet has all the comforts of home. Which figures, because it is your home.

2) A Type B RV is for those who like to tour – The bigger motorhomes are just that: Big. Very big. You need to be careful turning corners, changing lanes, going under things and once you get off the interstates, you will get the same looks a slow moving tractor does on a two lane in rural country. A Type B shares the road well with all vehicles, accelerates well, turns easily and doesn’t take up three car lengths of roadway.

3) A Type B RV actually gets good fuel economy – My first Type B got 22 miles to a gallon. The heavier Roadtrek eTrek I’ve been driving this past year still averages 17-18 mpg. At $4 plus per gallon these days, the fuel savings over the bigger motothomes out there are considerable.

4) A Type B RV can run errands as a second vehicle at home – I often use the eTrek as a second vehicle. Jennifer has our car. I drive the Roadtrek. Simple as can be.

5) A Type B RV can stay parked in your driveway in most places – Neighborhood and home owner associations frown on Type A and Type Cs being parked in driveways. There’s not nearly the problem with Type Bs. I don’t have to store my RV in a lot, paying stiff monthly fees. Mine is right in my driveway, ready to take me across town or the country anytime I want.

6) A Type B RV simplifies the traveling life – It is so easy to go in a Type B. You learn very quickly that you do not need nearly the “stuff” you thought you’d need. You take what you need and are surprised to discover that, other than food, a few changes of clothing and some elementary camping gear, you travel light. And that just feels so right. Free and easy down the road you’ll go. Seriously, I think of my RV every time I hear that Dierks Bentley song. “A pair of boots and a sack of clothes, free and easy down the road I go. Hangin’ memories on the high line poles, free and easy down the road I go.” Oops. Sorry about that.

7) A Type B RV is for doers, not sitters – Nothing against Type A or Type C RVers but it’s been my experience that Type B owners are folks who don’t like sitting in one place very long. They are hikers, bikers, explorers and they tend to exemplify the slogan on the T-shirts and sweatshirts sold on the Roadtreking Store: Yeah, we have a small house. But we have a big yard. Type B RVers spend a lot of time outdoors.

8) A Type B RV doesn’t require a lot of set-up and take down – It’s so easy to park in a camping spot. Even if you have to back in. Hooking up takes three minutes, tops. Same with unplugging and leaving. Leveling is seldom a problem. If it is, move a few feet. Try that in a Type A.

9) A Type B RV is great for day trips and special events – Driving to visit relatives, attending a grandkid’s soccer game or parking along a parade route, there’s nothing like having your own bathroom on board, a fridge and microwave for snacks, or a place to charge computers, smartphones, camera batteries and the like. Because it drives so easy, it’s handy and easy to take non-camping outings.

10) A Type B RV can serve as a guest bedroom in your driveway – Plug in an extension cord and your Type B can serve as a spare bedroom for guests, giving them – and you – privacy. I know of some Type B owners who use it as a dressing room while attending weddings or as a place to nap cranky kids. Because most Type Bs also have generators or coach batteries to provide power, the Type B is also a great refuge in a storm when the grid supplying your neighborhood is interrupted.

Okay. Those are my top ten reasons why a Type B RV may be right for you. I’m sure we could come up with ten more reasons. In fact, current Type B owners, please feel free to add to this list under comments.


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