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Paradise Indeed!



blog-0606114001403577209.jpgThis past weekend (June 20 - 22, 2014), we camped at Paradise Park Resort, in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Years ago, we had tried 2 or 3 other campgrounds in the OOB area. We liked this one the best of any we've tried. It's a tad expensive, compared to the places we normally stay, but worth it. The pricing is similar to other places in OOB. This campground is VERY neat and clean and has the best restrooms we've seen. The location is on a side street across from the upper end of Old Orchard St, where Route 98 meets Route 5, and is within a reasonable walking distance of everything. If walking is not your thing, they also run a shuttle service on a stretched golf cart.

On a trip home by car a few weeks ago, we took a side trip off I-95 to check Paradise Park out. We inspected the place, picked our site, and made our reservation on that stop. Even though the selection was a bit limited, due to making the reservation late, we got a nice site on a corner. Our site was a bit larger than most. We'll definitely keep this place in mind for a future fall or spring getaway, when the rates are lower and the crowds are thinner.

Close to half of their sites are seasonal setups. However, these are all very neat and well done, unlike some of the seasonals we have seen in our travels. As with most of the OOB area, our French-speaking neighbors from Quebec are well-represented. There was a mix of all types of tents, all types of trailers and all types of motorhomes. This is a family atmosphere, where folks are quiet and respectful of others.

One of my pet peeves in life is the tendency to hype products by giving them names that are impossible to live up to. Having stayed at Paradise Park, I must say that the name is not all hype. It IS a little bit of paradise!

Now, a little bit about how the motorhome went. This was our first outing since I had an alignment done and new Bilstein shocks and steering stabilizer installed. These improvements made a definite difference in the ride and handling of our 33 Ft Southwind. It still steers a little too easy, and you have to be especially watchful in crosswinds, but it recovers from bumps better, and has less tendency to wander. I had the work done at a truck and suspension shop in Waterville, ME, which has a good reputation - Harry J. Smith & Co. While there, I had the annual State Inspection and a chassis lube as well. (I had done an oil and filter change last fall.)

In a couple of weeks, we are headed out to Washington, DC. I'll let you know how that goes.


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We have a reservation at Cherry Hill, in College Park, MD. The place comes very highly recommended and they have a bus stop. It's a short bus ride to the nearest subway station. Our plan is to get around that way.

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