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Minnie and the Tree

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It must first be said it was my yard, my tree, and my motorhome, so I do not know what the big problem was. I was not going to sue myself or call my insurance company to file a claim...

But when I took Minnie out to have her house batteries checked for the second time in two months (they kept going out due to yet another case of operator error, I learned..), lo and behold, a huge tree branch became attached to her rear ladder. Woven between the rungs, it was. I was not completely surprised, because I had backed her near a tree in the front yard to turn around before exiting the driveway. But, still. It was huge. It was leafy. It was standing straight up, as if I had planted it on the second rung, and then purposefully threaded it upward. I kinda liked it. I was as if Minnie decided she needed to make her own shade.

I didn't look as if it had scratched anything much on the coach. I thought, She is here for repair, so they can just remove the greenery whilst they are at it. So while I waited for the repair folks to drive her away, the jokes began. One FMCA member couple drove up in a gorgeous, huge Type A and remarked about how much I must like trees. A man who worked at the facility strolled by, giggled, and told me it was "SOME decor!" I laughed with them all. Another even echoed what I had thought: "Decided to make your own shade, did ya??!!"

Then I got home and realized that while Minnie and the tree were getting acquainted, a huge piece of plastic covering one of her vents had snapped off. I picked it up, ran to the car, drove back to the repair shop, and left it at the pickup counter.

They tell me they reattached it, and all's well. And I don't leave the house batteries on all the time, anymore, while the coach is just sitting in the driveway. And I almost miss that big 'ol branch.

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