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A motel on wheels

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One of the reasons I don't post any more often than I do is that I still work full-time. Getting away in our SeeYa is usually a real treat for us - one that happens all too seldom.

Often, when we get away, it's like last week. I had to go to Hendersonville, N.C., for a convention. An enjoyable place (even with the rain) and an enjoyable "have to." Still, it was work, not pleasure, that dominated the entire trip. As usual my wife, Donna, and I took our motorhome and that became our motel on wheels. While that is not nearly as nice as being parked someplace where we can do nothing more stressful than watching the wind in the trees, I did find myself thinking about this lifestyle we call motorhoming.

I had to leave every morning about 8:30 and I didn't get back home until about 9 pm. But when I did get home, I truly was home. Not a strange motel room - I was home. It was 374 miles from where our "bricks and sticks" house is located, but it was still home. Our poodle and the three cats that travel with us were all glad to see me, just as they are at our more permanent residence. My wife was even more glad to see me. It was nice to be home. That is something that can't happen in even the most luxurious motel room, that feeling of "home."

I have a few business trips coming up the first of 2010, and I won't be able to take our motorhome. Certainly, I will be in nice commercial motel rooms, and I will enjoy being with my colleagues at work. But it won't be home.

What motorhoming has taught me is that home is not a matter of geography. It really is about relationships, and that's what our motorhomes give us - the opportunity to enjoy those relationships wherever in the world we may happen to be at the moment. As the sign says, "Home is where you park it."

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A really nice piece! Well said. Many people wouldn't understand a home that isn't a permanent location. Thanks for saying it so well.

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Well said my friend! I am fortunate to have a job that is two weeks on / two off. So I fly to Alaska and work my two weeks, then fly to the lower 48 where our home on wheels is and play. I do hope to retire in three years and full time but this works out well for now. You are so right, every time I get back to the RV I am home! It is a great life, visiting family and seeing the sights as we travel....

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