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A lesson from cats

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The day after Thanksgiving the moon and stars and busy schedules all aligned and we got to go camping again with our daughter. This was our first time to take her with us since right after her husband's death in July, so we were all looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing except being a family. Our daughter has a 3-legged cat (long story there) that she loves dearly and did not want to leave behind, so we loaded her cat, along with our 3, into the motor home and headed out for the local Corps campground. We had a great time, but Grace, our daugher's cat, did not. She was terrified of our cats. The really interesting thing is, Grace has claws, but she never tried to use them on our cats (two of our cats are de-clawed). Somehow, there seems to be a rule among cats, "You don't use claws and I won't)" - and since our cats did not (could not) use claws, Grace didn't.

That got us to thinking. Sugar, the cat we rescued in July, also has her claws, yet she has never used them against our other cats. She certainly did not use them against Grace. Maybe there is something to that. Maybe cats really do fight fair and not use claws until necessary.

As a marriage and famiy therapist, I can't help but wish that more humans were as wise as cats. Wouldn't it be a lot nicer when we had a disagreement if we would all agree to not use our "claws" until absolutely necessary?

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I agree 100%.We have 2 "babees"Cocoa and Tippy.Cocoa is a dark brown very soft almost black Main coon/persion male.Tippy is a vividly marked female tiger short hair.They like to go with us to new sights,soundsand smells.My cat Cocoa especially likes the people coming and going all times during the night when we overnight at Walmart.Next day he sleeps in (don't see him till supper time)! Tippy is supposed to be my wifes cat but she follws me around most times.Anyway we have fun traveling.Hope you have pleasant journeys. Richard & Connie F412421

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