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jerome poole



We have just purchased a used RV and are looking for the best insurance coverage.  We would like replacement cost.  Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated. We also like any suggestions on what we should include in the purchased coverage as some policies let you pick and choose. What would be the best companies to deal with in customer service and coverage.


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Don't buy Portfolio Protection administered by First Extended Service Corporation!  They have been horrible to deal with and will do anything to avoid paying a claim.  the RV dealer sold it to us with the 2008 Krystal M30 we bought in June 2016.  The four-year extended warranty seemed like a good idea.  I looked them up later and found that they had a solid 1 star rating on reviews!  Too bad I didn't look before we bought it.  Good luck

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I have insurance through the Hartford. They have been absolutely wonderful. I sued them because the person that hit my in 2015 had no insurance and they were still nice to me - didnt drop me and my rates are super reasonable. 

I have heard the FMCA insurance is really nice too. No direct experience but check em out. 

Contrary to popular belief, GEICO and Progressive are really good but REALLY EXPENSIVE - I have a friend who is insured with them and he pays several hundred dollars a year more than I do for similar coverage. 

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