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Heading Back To Washington

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We didn't want to wear out our welcome in the beautiful state of Wyoming, so after 3 wonderful weeks we are headed home.  Slowly.  We passed through Yellowstone quickly.  Drove all day to get out of Montana.  And tonight we are on the shore of Moses Lake, in warm Eastern Washington.

Our plan is to go south around Mt Rainier and then work our way back north to Tacoma next week.

We haven't traveled Hwy 12 in a few years and we haven't camped there in years.  It's time to go look around.

Here are a few photos from this last week.  Most are from the area around Shoshone National Forest.  We had a wonderful campsite right on the Shoshone River.


The view out our front window.

One afternoon we could feel a sudden storm blowing in.  We picked up our chairs and secured everything knowing what was coming over the ridge in front of us.  First wind, next lightening, than thunder and last sheets of rain.  Mind you all of this time it was still brightly shining on our campsite.  Here's a photo out our front windshield.


It came down in buckets a few minutes later.  There was enough rain that it turned the crystal clear river to brown in a few hours with all the run off from the mountains.


Bright sunshine and rain?

We stopped and looked at Buffalo Bill Dam.  They had a vast collection of driftwood piled against the dam.




When it was built it was the tallest dam in the world.


Shell Falls

As usual we were able to find many falls and a few great hikes along our way.  The only drawback to hiking in these areas is oxygen.  The air gets pretty thin above 8,000 or 9,000 feet.  I just keep climbing and wheezing my way up.


Five Springs Falls

Here's my high climbing buddy.




Sunset at our last campsite in Wyoming.

Life is good..... we're heading home to see Grandkids.  Thus ends a 7,000+ mile trip that has taken 125 days.  It will be good to be back.

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