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An exercise in insanity

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I have been very silent here for the last several months, primarily because my wife and I have not had our motorhome out of the driveway since before Thanksgiving. The reason for this very unusual hiatus has been, we have been renovating our primary house. I have often heard that if your marriage can survive such a project, it can survive almost anything, and now I know what they mean.

This has been one of the most stressful, depressing, maddening experiences of my life. Those of you who have done a major renovation to your stationary home can understand. Those of you who have not had this experience, let me just say that a root canal without anesthesia is a more pleasurable option. We are still having struggles with our heat pump ( I don't know if I can mention the brand name here, but it's a major brand), so I don't know when we will get to go out again. Last weekend, we had the factory rep from the manufacturer out here. Still doesn't work as it should. I don't know what this next weekend will bring, but it probably won't be what I long for most -- a trip into the woods to gather my sanity after more than two months of excursion into insanity.

Hopefully, though, soon Donna and I will be back on the road, and we'll have lots more to write about. I look forward to that in more ways than one.

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