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Well today was a rare day. Actually it has been a beautiful day. I took advantage of the great weather and did some work on our coach. I installed a Trik-l-Start to keep the chassis battery charged. The install was quite easy to do. I mounted the thing in my outside front wiring bay under the drivers seat. I read the directions first so that may have helped prevent a problem. I aslo added an over the door awning arm lock. I think there should have been two of them to begin because I ordered the lock and they only come in pairs. For some reason the coach came with only one. With one lock, one side of the awing would try to unroll, while going down the road, and that made a very unpleasant thumping noise. That irritation is now resolved.

The best modification I did to the coach was to change the wiper arms and blades yesterday. I now have blades with a smaller j-hook which allows me to use the new 32 inch frameless wiper blades made by Tru Vision. These blades should hug the big curved windshield and hopefully the blade on the driver's side will no longer fly off and end up over the rearview mirror during a heavy rain.

Last week I removed the twenty inch CRT telly from its swing out cabinet in the bedroom. I installed a 26 inch LCD in its place. I think my work looks pretty good. Now I have a digital convertor box that may end up, along with a tv, in a furture yard sale.

I still have a few coach things left to do. Add a wall paper border in the bedroom and purchase some cleaning supplies. All this is in preperation for our trip to Elkhart. We leave on Thursday. I am looking forward to a good long road trip. It will give me something new to write about.


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