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Beware of North Trail RV Service in Fort Myers, Fla.

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I just had an experience that has taught me a BIG lesson in dealing with an RV service center. ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS and dont think for a second that a service center has your best interest at heart. They only have your MONEY at HEART.

GUESS WHAT? they are not responsible for theft of anything on or in your coach EVEN IF IT IS ATTACHED TO THE DASH OR A PART OF THE DASH!!

They had my coach a little over a month called me and said it was ready so I went to get it. Paid the bill while it was pulled around went out and hooked up the tower and got in the coach. GEUSS WHAT? There was a hole in the dash. My control panel for the leveling jack system was gone.

I got the service writer in the coach alond with a couple of other people and the question was asked WAS IT THERE WHEN YOU BROUGHT THE COACH IN? I said of course it was and their reply was more the accussive that it was not there.

Their sevice technition even said he noticed it was gone but no one ever called me to find out if I knew it was missing.

Today they finally determined what part I needed ans said they were willing to pay for half since I could not prove it was there when I brought it in. Half of the $360 part.

This cam from the Service Manager I asked for the owner to call me I got a call from the GM who told me North Trail is not responsible for any theft while in their care or on their property and he wwas making me a fair offer.

I asked the GM to have the owner of North Trail call me and I was instructed that "HE IS TOO BUSY TO TALK TO ME" "ME" a customer who just gave them my money.

I own 3 businesses myself and have several employees but, if a customer calls with a complaint I take time to talk and I will tell you there is not a customer worth loosing and the potintial harm they could cause my company especially for less than $200.


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