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Love Bug Season

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It's LoveBug season on the west coast of Florida and if you have ever been travelling during this time of year, you understand the difficulty this presents. Imagine driving through a snow storm of orange headed, little black bugs, flying in pairs, attached at the butts, and ultimately landing on your windshield with a splatter. After just a few minutes of driving, the windshield becomes covered in tiny black carcasses making it very difficult to see where you're going. To make matters worse, you can't use your windshield wipers on them because that just adds a blurring haze on the window as the bugs schmear across the glass.

Upon reaching our destination, the casualities must be in the millions. There is very little space on the front of the coach not touched by bugs. How can we get them off before we make the return trip home? We start by brushing the dried bugs off and then proceed to repeatedly wash the window and front of the coach till we can see through the glass again. After about two hours, we are done. It's a daunting process that will need to be repeated again after our return trip home.

Can't wait for the next season of Love Bugs!

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Thirty seven years ago, I lived in Wildwood,Florida. I worked at a Dean Power Oil Co. gas station. We had hundreds of windshields to clean everyday.We kept buckets of water mixed with ammonia at the pumps.This mixture & a long handle soft bristle brush removed the love bugs easily.Have a great camping day! Wayne & Deborah :)

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