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Trekking Down the Trace

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This past week was semester break at the university where I teach, and I really needed the break. After some discussion, my wife and I decided to do something we had talked about for several years. We took the northern portion of the Natchez Trace, from its terminus in Franklin, TN, to Jackson, MS. This blog is about relationships, so I won't give a blow by blow of the trip, except to say that it is a very pleasant drive. But, unlike the southern portion of the route, there's not much to see except for signs where things used to be. French Camp is a big exception to that. Nice place.

But this is about relationships. I have known for a while that Donna and I do not do rallies. Part of that is the timing -- most are during the week, and I am still working full-time. But part of that is what I just rediscovered on this trip. Because I do work full-time (Donna says I have three full time jobs -- it's not quite that bad, but I understand where she is coming from), we do not get as much time together as we would both like.

We cherish our time alone, our time just to be together. That's why we don't do rallies. We get so little time together, we are jealous of our special time and don't really want to share it with others. That was, for me, the best part about this trek down the Natchez Trace. Because there were just miles of easy, relaxed driving, we had the chance to talk and reconnect in ways we had not been able to do during the past 15 weeks of my crazy semester. It felt good.

Perhaps that is one of the things that allegedly makes motorhome relationships better than relationships of people of don't RV. We have these hours on the road when we are moving place to place, time just for the two of us. That's special. At least, in my book it is. Research clearly shows that "small talk" is one of the best things a couple can do to keep their relationship alive. So, whether it is sitting around a campfire at night or driving down the road, going motorhoming gives us a chance to do small talk.

Interestingly, as soon as we got home from the trip, we were back to our usual hectic schedule. Life goes on. We have to play the bills somehow, at least until I can retire (only a few more years). Yet, I can't wait until we can go camping again so my Sweetie and I can just sit and talk.


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