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22 Days Countdown Until Trip Day

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Today was a better "get the RV ready" day.

This morning I checked in with the RV store that is servicing our RV ... they said they didn't have my cell number, so they couldn't call and tell me the AC motor and squirrel cage came in and also the replacement fabric for the bedroom slider. I kept my thoughts to myself about them not having my telephone number .... With the parts in, I now have an appointment set for next Thursday to install the replacement parts.

Next, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, we'll be renting a Uhaul car dolly in Washington D.C., to bring back a Honda Accord. I wanted to make sure the RV towing hitch and wiring worked now so we wouldn't have surprises back in Washington, D.C., when we pick up the auto dolly. So this morning I took the RV to the local Uhaul Center and had them test the built-in wiring and tow hitch ... and everything worked! Yaaa! :lol:

All in all, a good RV day.

I didn't mentioned before that I'm a Rotary International member and I belong to the Palm Springs Sunup Rotary Club. For the next five days I'll be coordinating the activities of a Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team from Sweden. So my getting the RV ready will be somewhat on the back burner ... and that is all part of our trip master planning process.

Replacement tires are still a concern ... in the morning I'll check in with the tire dealer ...

and the end of another day....

Doug and Trudy.

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