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The Nav-6: SUV/Minivan/RV and more

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The Nav-6: SUV/Minivan/RV and more

Of all the different Roadtrek models out there, one of the most distinctive is the new NAV-6, an SUV that can be used as an RV.

It’s really category-defying. A luxury SUV on the Nissan 2500 frame, it is expertly tricked out by Roadtrek with a built in kitchenette, complete with microwave, refrigerator, TV and sink with hot and cold running water. The NAV-6 has a roof that rises to make it big enough to walk around in without bumping your head. It’s also able to sleep five people. Oh yeah, it can tow up to 9,000 pounds.

Jennifer and I visited the Roadtrek factory in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and took it out for a spin. We had a lot of fun making our video as we drove firm the countryside to the city and back again.

There is nothing on the road like this vehicle.

“This is perfect for active families,” said Roadtrek President Jim Hammill. “It can haul kids to soccer games, be used for tailgating, running around town as a second vehicle or as an RV for a long weekend.”

At Nissan dealers, it’s marketed as the NAV-6. At Roadtrek dealers, it’s the N6-Active.

Howard Stratton, Roadtrek’s Vice President of Operations, says the NAV-6 is a game-changer built around the many different needs of active families. “Our purpose was to build true utility into this vehicle to support our customers busy life-styles,” he said.

The unit we tested was set up for six passengers. But it’s available for seating for seven in three rows of seats. It’s just over 20 feet long, 7 feet, 10 in high and can fit in most garages -  a big plus.

Two of the rows convert to a bed with plenty of room for two adults. An upper bunk setup can sleep two kids. And the front seats can be configured into a single bed.

There are plugs and adapters everywhere for computers, iPads, video games.

Just inside the rear doors is an external use hand-held shower head with hose. It’s handy for many things such as washing off caked on mud, dirty shoes, muddy paws, cleaning fish or  washing off sand and salt at the beach.

Tables can be put in place up front or in the rear.  Or both. They’re perfect for card games, conversation, picnics.

We see the NAV-6 as a home base while taking the kids to soccer games, the family to sporting events, the beach or on long road trips to vacation getaways. Chill out and take a nap or get out of the weather, fix your own meals, charge your i-devices.

It’s a very innovative vehicle.

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