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How to winterize your RV: VIDEO

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How to winterize your RV: VIDEO

There’s no stopping it. Winter is here and for RVers in northern climates, it’s time to winterize.

Making sure your the plumbing system in your RV is protected against the cold is essential and if it’s not done right, serious damage can occur.

There are lots of ways to winterize. Some RV owners do the bare minimum. Others don’t miss any preventative protection steps.

The first step is to check the manufacturer’s instruction book. If ever in doubt, follow it.

But you may also want to take it to a dealer.

That’s what I did, taking my Roadtrek RS-Adventurous to American RV in Grand Rapids, MI, where I met up with Service Tech Hank Nuiver, who gave my RV the deluxe winterizing package.

We videotaped every step of the process.

Once caution: Hank uses an air compressor to blow out the water from the lines. But he does so at low pressure – 40 to 50 pounds, instead by a pressure regulator. Any pressure more than than, he warns, has the potential to damage parts and fittings.

Something else I appreciate: I can use my RV in the winter. Take fresh water in bottles and when use use the toilet, chase it down with some anti freeze. There’s no problem, says Hank, in camping all winter long.

This video is long, over 16 minutes. But hopefully, it will help you know what to do.


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