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The Top 5 Things I'm Thankful for in my first year as an RVer

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On this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for many things that have come our way since we embraced the world of RVing.

  1. I’m thankful in a new way for the awesomeness of God’s creation, for the many places we visited that I had never seen before. For the majesty of Yellowstone National Park, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we witnessed in the Bighorn Mountains, the Pictured Rocks National Seashore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Emerald Coast of Florida’s panhandle, the sandhill country of Nebraska, the vastness of the prairie and the magnificent wildness of the eagles, elk, Grizzly bears, wolves, deer, wildfowl and woodland critters we have watched this year.
  2. I’m thankful to live in a country that gives us freedom to travel and has set aside vast tracts of carefully-protected wilderness for its citizens to enjoy.
  3. I’m thankful to new RVing friends we have met… Alan, Stu, Pam, Kristi, William, Alice, Robert, Ginny and those who share so much on our various Facebook groups. I’m thankful for the Family Motor Coach Association and especially Jerry Yeats, Pamela Kay, Robbin Gould for all they do for Motorhome owners including the annual reunion we had this summer in Indianapolis. I’m thankful to the Roadtrek International Chapter of the FMCA and new friends, ****, Frances, Tim, John and all those on the Cyberrally e-mail group, especially Jerry, from Livonia, who called me on my cellphone when I was stranded on the road in South Dakota to give me the advice that undid my operator error and got me traveling again.
  4. I’m thankful to Roadtrek itself and the men and women in the Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, factory who have welcomed me for my video work this year. Jim Hammill, the president, is unlike no other president of a big company I have ever met. He is accessible, refreshingly outspoken, brutally honest, always innovating, lots of fun and passionately committed to a product that is built on an unwavering quality standard and the loyaly of its dedicated customers. Vice President of Operations Howard Stratton and Engineering guru Jeff Stride have patiently shown me the manufacturing process and its commitment to live out the legacy of excellence of the founding Hennemeyer family.
  5. I’m thankful to all the readers who have embraced me as I have begun this blog and my social media work. Almost 31,000 now follow me on Twitter where I’m @roadtreking and over 2,000 have liked my Facebook Page at http://facebook.com/roadtreking They have encouraged, corrected, guided and welcomed me as they have offered story ideas and shared their RV adventures. Two of them, Les and Kathy, drove to an RV show I was visiting in Novi, MI this fall to meet me and give Jeniffer and I a gift. In all my years as a journalist, I never experienced such an affirming act of kindness related to my work.

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. See you down the road.

What are you thankful for this year? Let us know under comments.

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