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T minus 7 Days

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... and the count down continues towards lift off (OK, I'm a NASA fan :o ), I mean until we leave on the cross county trek (OK we are also Star Trek groupies :o). By the way, we saw the new Star Trek movie this week, and it was GREAT!!!!

We continue to prep for the trip....

- The Boss is moving her stuff to a central location in the small bedroom that I call the warehouse.... hmmmm, 5 pieces of clothing for her and then I get one t-shirt, at this rate I may up end with at least a change of clothes for one day to put on the RV.... and oh my god, the Boss hasn't even started with the make-up, and hair stuff, or any other girl stuff. I think there is a 2,000 pound hauling limit on the RV, I get 250 pounds and guess who gets the rest!!!! LOL, life is great!

- we have added a few food items to the refer... critical items, such as a good assortment of beer, a white wine called "Little Black Dress" (for the Boss), and a variety of diet sodas, and diet Red Bull, I have at least one a day.

I did add a ladder hanger and a tall ladder... I also loaded a couple of wood folding chairs.


Aside from me having a steel grip on my seat belt, and my pulse rate was about 200 BPM, and with my life flashing before my eyes... today was the first time the Boss got behind the wheel of the RV... a 30,000 pound vehicle that is almost 40 feet long (nose to tail)!!!! A few times I started to look for my seat ejector handle. So I pull the rig around to a wwwiiiiddddeeee neighborhood street.... then I move to the shotgun seat, and She sits in the command seat... then I point out the go pedal and the stop pedal.... Her comments of "cute things" kinda takes away from my macho view of the Rig...

... then I explained the vast array of lights and gages on the instrument panel was a beautiful thing to behold... I don't think it impressed Her... even the sound of the low air alarm, or the hissing sound of air when releasing the air brakes... I love that sound :lol:

OK, She then puts the Rig in "D" (I attempted to explain the intricacies of the 6-speed Allison transmission) and away we go, I held my screaming to a mild whimper... down the block, lift turns, right turns, quick stops... and then I thought my world ended as She turned into a short block with a cul-de-sac... OK... a few gardeners were around and they scattered as She put the Rig in "R", not for race, but for reverse...

Anyway, She (Trudy) did a GREAT Job... she backed up nicely... and had to make normal back and forth manuvers... we did driver training for about another hour and we called it a day... tomorrow we'll do some more driver training... Trudy is OK with driving it.... and that makes both of us feel better about the trip...

Trip preparation is going well...


Doug, Trudy, and Dale the Dog

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