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T minus 3 days, 12 hours

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It seems that a true test of a couple's happiness and bliss is surviving the planning of a four- to five-week motorhome trip. I mean, we are having a really good time planning and preparing. :lol: However, it's the issue of stuffing a rather full house of things into a 9' x 38' box that is driven over hill and dale ... on smooth and bumpy byways and highways. You have to have the right stuff on board to get by for 30-plus days, and sometimes there may be a difference of opinion as to what should be loaded on the rig. Nevertheless, the whole process is going very well ... even Dale the Dog has his stuff on board now. :o

We now have what is called a black box to take on the trip, a black box that includes vehicle information, insurance policies, and personal information. The personal information includes passports, medical information on each of us (includes recent lab test results and electrocardiogram charts).

We are in the almost-final phases (I know the final phase of loading will take place 10 minutes before we pull away from the house) of loading the RV with clothes and shoes. Things like washing detergent and bleach made it onboard tonight ... and some food items are onboard.

I got the FMCA plastic emblems attached, one in front and the other on the ladder connected with tie-wraps.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I'll top off the fuel. I will also go to the post office to both forward our mail for several weeks, and then hold the mail for the remaining time we are gone. We've notified the banks and credit card companies that we will be traveling.

The computer along with the printer, printer paper and extra ink cartridges will go onboard Friday morning. Also on Friday, Dale the Dog goes to the beauty parlor. I think the Boss also has a couple of girly appointments.

Loading more stuff will continue the next couple of days. Of course, each time you add a thing or a box of stuff, you first have to make space; hence, there is a lot a sorting and rearranging each time more stuff is added to the rig.


Doug, Trudy, and Dale the Dog



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