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  2. Tachometer Quit

    Contact the IT department at FMCA on Monday.
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  4. Glennr, The Chassis builder installed the fuse box for the chassis 12 volt and install 1 to 2 circuits for convince outlets, like the power steps and 12 volt outlets for cellphone and GPS power. Work horse took over the P-series chassis, so matching things up can be challenging. I have 3 or four of the OEM - P series manuals. If you have a camera and take a picture or 2, I might be able to match some thing from that if needed. Rich.
  5. Auxiliary Air Tank

    I will reply to my REV write up man on Monday about this type of air system, he was off on Friday and that is why no picture. There are not a lot of places to get a coach worked on in Michigan that I trust. I absolutely will not take anything to General RV as they are a large group of lying idiots.
  6. Finally got our Toad all worked out

    My prefered method is to measure the height of my Base Plates and my receiver on the coach and try to get them within +/- 2" . Has worked for me. JMHO Herman
  7. Finally got our Toad all worked out

    I prefer +/- 5 degrees! Hard to get "0"!
  8. Tachometer Quit

    Tech group! Not easy to change user name!
  9. Last time I crossed over, I used I-91 to Canada 55. 0900 no problem on a Tuesday!
  10. No power from chassis batteries

    Hard to tell from the photo what is what. Looks like red shrink tubing was used on multiple cables, so that might not be an indicator of anything. My first suggestion would be make sure that all the ground cables are properly connected to the negative side of things, and that all the power taps and positive cables are properly attached to the positive terminal. Looks like there are a couple of extra pieces in there being used to join the two batteries together, plus a bunch of things improperly connected directly to battery terminals. There also looks to be a main fuse on the left-hand terminal, which may or may not be blown by now. If it is blown, don't replace it until you confirm everything is connected properly.
  11. Mouth watering good. We had in rig, cheese burger!
  12. Tachometer Quit

    As you can see I lost my user name, picture and profile. This happened when I contact the tech group at FMCA to change my email address. Now I need to find out how to change my user name, anyone have a clue? Jim
  13. Tachometer Quit

    Finally found time to troubleshoot the problem with the tachometer. I had looked at the electrical drawing and with the information that **** provided I determined that the tach signal came directly from the engine ECM and since there was no other issue with the engine running or with transmission shifting I assumed that the ECM RPM signal must be normal and the problem must be the instrument. I checked with HR and they no longer had the instrument cluster which included the tack, oil pressure gauge and volt meter. Further checking with Beebe Instrument and they had been sold to another co and they were unable to support the Beebe line of instruments. I found a used instrument cluster for $65 and it arrived today and I installed it, GUESS WHAT? The tachometer still didn't work. I started chasing the tach signal wire from the tack end didn't have to go very far to find the problem, In the cluster of wiring under the dash there was a single conductor plug that has come disconnected. Plugged it in and all is good. The moral of the story is to look for the simple things and you can save a few bucks. Jim
  14. No power from chassis batteries

    When I had a 2011 Allegro Bus 37' with a 450 was a very clean & orderly battery compartment for both chassis batteries and house batteries! Are you the second or third owner?
  15. Auxiliary Air Tank

    Bill, I also had to re-read it and think your right. Also a leak in the system...110 psi, is low for that model coach. Mine is 123 when traveling!
  16. We ate here tonight in Albuquerque NM. Had to be the best burger I have had in a while. The sautéed Jalapeños were HOT . Of course I got the fried egg on it and bacon
  17. No problem. take your time and enjoy the view. Gary
  18. Whats Cooking, Who Is Where, Off The Subject & Memories

    Here is a place (BBQ) you should definitely visit if you are in the area. By area I mean Sedalia, MO. Kehde's Barbeque, 1915 S Limit Ave, Sedalia, MO 65301,, (660) 826-2267 Neat place in an old 1920 rail car. Bill
  19. It Can't Be Just Me

    We travel extensively and stay at military facilities whenever we can. We have never found the conditions you described. Yes there are PX's and commissaries that are smaller than others and their stock is what is in demand for the facility. I do agree that some of the smaller ones stock a lot of alcohol but in my 23 years in the USMC I can say that military people do drink a lot so alcohol is in demand. In my younger days I would appreciate that. Now in my mid to late 70's I would rather see other items, but it is what it is. I will continue to support our PX's, BX's and commissaries with the hope they will never close. I do realize that one needs to shop wisely and look for bargains wherever they are.
  20. Master cylinder for holiday rambler

    One was found through a hydraulic brake specialty outfit based in Road Island called Drive line they were friendly helpful and reasonable. They can usually match up most parts for older Rvs
  21. It Can't Be Just Me

    They are trying to put them out of business. The BX at Arnold is nothing but a Liquor Store now with a few items they must be required to carry. The PX in Chattanooga, Tn is also just a liquor Store now. The Commissaries are now carrying private label stuff such as butter that nobody wants and few buy. At Campbell the PX is a shadow of what it once was up until about 12 or so wife spent typically $3-400.00for various things like dog food, and detergent and a myrid of other things. You cannot buy a an Army service ring there anymore..and the cost is more than Wal Mart. The Commissary has a bakery in name only now. Baked Goods or concotions are shipped in dry and cold from Pa. etc. The biggest activity is inventory in the bakery. ales are a shadow of before. The rest of the store features very large displays of Coca Cola products from drinks to waters and so on. The International section is gone supposedly integrated with other products on the regular shelves. They just are not there and if they are they are impossible to find. Produce is now Grade B and in a sea of corn and other foods it is all imported from Texas it seems and ready to feed the chickens almost. We use to find products not available at most other stores instead it is more of less. They still get a lot of traffic at the Commissary but not as much is bought by anyone. The Butcher is till there but when stocks are down someone calls Virginia and they are told to hire another Butcher . Instead they bring in more and more prepack already old when it hits the case and of undetermined quality. It is no mis judgement to say they are trying the Walmartizationization of the Commissary and Bxs and PXs with the intention of closing them once sales get below a certain level. Local Businesses complain to their Congressmen since Eisenhower that the PX and Commissaries are taking business away from them and God knows Business thinks it owns Government and trickle down to the people is the game.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Planning on taking US-50 from just west of Colorado Springs (Canon City) across to Grand Junction (over the Monarch Pass). We have a big-rig, 45' coach w/tow and wondering if others here (forum) have made the trip and can provide input on the road & grades. My understanding is its very doable, but does have a 6-9% grade for approx. 9-miles once we pass Monarch (11500 elev). Any/all comments will be appreciated.
  24. TailpipeRust

    Or, just about any shop that has that diameter pipe can cut it and weld a new section on. Then add a tip. I had a tip on my previous MH that started to show surface cracking and rust. I put a wire wheel to it then used 1500˚ flat black paint to paint it. Looked good. Nor shiny but didn't rust anymore. If you do get section welded on use Rustoleum High Temp paint to coat the welded area.
  25. Auxiliary Air Tank

    After going back and re reading the OP's post I think this may be the key problem. Bill
  26. TailpipeRust

    Look underneath and see if it is clamped or welded together. If welded you can just cut it off with a hacksaw. Measure how long from the joint. Is it 3" or 4" diameter? I have seen some chrome tips in Walmart if they don't have them look for a place that sells parts for diesel trucks. Bill
  27. TailpipeRust

    thank you gentlemen for your help. Looks like I needed to provide more information. I took a foto of my problem and will to attach. Also would appreciate any suggestions on where I can buy what you recommend, or where to go to get worked on. Thanks. Gary Christoff
  28. No power from chassis batteries

    Yes, if the batteries are 12 VDC: Positive of battery #1 to positive of battery #2. And positive cable to starter, etc from positive of battery #1. Negative of battery #2 to negative of battery #2. And chassis ground cable to negative of battery #2. And, agree with Herman-- I would sure clean up that mess of wires. Appropriately sized (for large-gauge wires) terminal strips are not that expensive. Would also make battery replacement and servicing a LOT easier in the future (and a lot less likely to put a wire on the wrong terminal). Another advantage is that the wires that you move away from the batteries will be a lot less likely to corrode. Lots of choices to clean that up:
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