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    I have heard of the "Elite" contract... and yes... it's difficult to keep track of what contracts are available.... It seems they offer different contracts almost daily. I have the cheapest contract there is.... not sure what it is called, but it's the 14day max (over 4 days, must stay out 7). Reserve up to 60 days out. Also, regarding not reserving exact amps, hook ups etc.... yes, you are probably correct.... it just seems I remember reserving 50 amp etc but could very well be wrong.... I'll take that part out of my letter...… I guess is what I need to consider is if I can't be guaranteed a 50amp, the membership is useless to me. Time to give it some thought!
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  4. Airbag Leaking When Sitting

    Thanks for taking the time to inform all of the issue repair and where the leak was hiding. Rich.
  5. Can 35' Ventana LE DP handle HD lift, & Tow Dolly w/car?

    That would be my choice. I tow a Silverado with a 96 gallon diesel tank in the back so I don't have to drive my coach in to fuel up. My coach has 185 diesel capacity.
  6. Airbag Leaking When Sitting

    2007 Monaco Dynasty Just wanted to note what the resolution was to my problem with passenger side loosing air when sitting. Turned out it the cloth 1" airline going to one of the passenger front air bags (behind the wheel in my case) had a leak in it where the fitting was crimped. The only way to see it was to put the rv up on blocks and with mirrors and camera on phone capture the leak on the back side. Was able to get the line off (barely) with 1-1/4" and 1-1/8" wrenches and short 10" crescent wrenches that open up to same dimensions. Was able to get new hose made with screw on fittings at local Hydraulic Supply house ($130 for 6 foot hose with fittings) and almost as difficult to reinstall the line. Good news is it solved my problem, even though only one hose was leaking the two front air bags are connected through a small air tank with no valve to prevent both from going down and so once the front bags went down the rear passenger side went down also due to the weight compressing the rear bags. Thought they were leaking somewhere also but not the case. Hope this helps someone else and can short circuit their problem.

    Most of the TTs are in the west, south, east. Yes we have been all over. None in the middle of the country so we stay with friends and family.
  8. Norcold

    I replaced my rv Dometic with a residential from Best Buy. I have a furnace under so it needed to be no higher than 60 inches. I picked a 10+ cu ft Insignia with freezer on the bottom. It is only 24 in wide so I had 8 in to build a slide out pantry. The fridge was on sale for $299 and I bought the extended warranty to 5 years for $100. There is more room inside that the old fridge. Been on the road for almost 2 months and it is working fine. Don't have to worry about being perfectly level. Will be in Gillette so if anyone wants to see it.
  9. No power from chassis batteries

    Think I had another DUH Moment ? ,but I copied and pasted that model from a thread reply and there information.. Sometimes the brain is not on the same page or I have to many windows open at the same time. Now to see if there is something closer to the OP year. Edits to follow. Rich. Carl, the battery connections in the picture attached by the OP do not look like the setup in the owners manual for the 2011 Allegro Bus? Wounder if a previous owner added some extra circuits and no notes where passed on ? Some of the clutter is from the terminal caps being removed from the connection posts, looks like the batteries are not on a slide tray and with all the filters above the batteries - impossible to get a good look at things The information was copied and pasted from alflorida's post, my bad!
  10. Norcold

    There has been several years of writing about Norcold on this Forum. Replacement with a Residental is rely the best way to go. What size and type, is your inverter/converter and is your furnace located under your current fridge? Most have gone with a Samsung. You will need a couple of extra batteries. Richard has a good thought...but, expensive and small...mostly used today in Marine application!
  11. No power from chassis batteries

    Rich, why a 2006? OP has a 2011 Allegro Bus! Mine had 2 chassis batteries and 6 house! All electric coach!

    DD69. Do you go to different TT's in Central, Southern and Eastern part's of America?
  13. Norcold

    Depending on the actual size you need and the capacity of your battery bank, there are refrigerators made that will run on both 12vdc and 120vac. That's what we use in our coach, and when I search for a replacement recently I found that there are still a few made by Norcold that can replace many of their LP units. We went with a Vitrifrigo since they were the only ones making a unit to fit into the cabinetry, but there are at least a few companies making these right now. A good 12vdc fridge uses a compressor instead of the absorption unit, and will sip electricity at around 3 amps or less. Even some of the larger ones only use about 5 amps. They cool well and if the one we're replacing after 44 years is any indication they are reliable. Might be an option if you want to avoid the danger of the LP fridge.
  14. Norcold

    I don't normally recommend a gas absorption unit, but in your case that would be, IMHO, the best option. I have a Samsung RF-18 in our Dynasty. But in your case, with your heater below the refrigerator I wouldn't know which residential would fit. Herman
  15. Joe. Send me "HOT" Jalapenos! Even the Serrano, that Linda got, is tame! Bill. There's a Cafe in Three Rivers, on left side of Hwy 281S, by the refinery, that serves a Salsa Verde that will knock your socks off !
  16. For a 35' DP, the swivel wheel would work, if you have a side radiator! Would not work for a Big Rig coach, due to excessive length. Best is a used 4x4 truck and put bike in bed.
  17. Norcold

    My norcold refridgerator just died after 12 great years of service . I can smell faint amonia but see no evidence of leaking yellow liquid like most do. I unpluged the unit and purchase a small fridge to get by on since we are in the middle of our eastern Canada vacation. My question is do I go residential or replace the coil with the new Amish type coil. One thing is we find ourselves doing a lot of boondocking and we use propane side of the Norcold often. If you all could give me your opinions and models of residential fridges that would fit into a Monaco Windsor 2002 would be much appreciated.
  18. I have a lift on my MH and carry a 920# Street Glide occasionally. Not any great distance though due to significant overload on rear axle. Here are some real numbers for you to consider: Rear axle without Harley (carrier is included): 19,460# I guesstimate the carrier weighs between 250-300# Front axle without Harley (carrier still installed): 10,340# With the bike loaded things change to: Front: 9,681 Rear: 20,680 You might want to consider an or a Safe riding!! Lenp
  19. Yep, that's how my parents did it too. My dad was a college professor, and mom was a teacher. We rented out our home and traveled each summer for 2-3 months in our Fitzjohn bus. Got to see alot of the country that way.
  20. Yup, two of us had Burritos and two had Taquitos. That place was really good. Bill, that was interesting, they put that on everything except desserts . I will admit I don’t normally like salsa verde, it’s good out here and I’ll eat it. Carl, the Jalapeños at lunch were so hot, it numbed our lips .

    There are close to 500 different contract plans out there. I'm reading the info off the current brochure they handed me. I'm in the Seaside Thousand trails park now until July 6.
  22. American Coach Tech Service

    Not so ... AC will only respond to issues under warranty. I had a problem and could not move from the campground. Mobil tech asked for a wiring diagram. AC said NO ... You are not a AC dealer. I am very, very disappointed, to say the least! Absolutely NOT business as usual!
  23. Auxiliary Air Tank

    Just for comparison, the two places (commercial truck/coach service facilities) in Milwaukee we take our coach for service both charge about $130/hr for service. However, once I established a relationship with them, they both adjust the rate down to about $90/hr.
  24. Have you looked at, and or considered a tandem tow dolly, I have pulled the golf cart and the Ford Escape in this manner for a couple of years and has worked well for me. Tongue weight is about 350# and 4980 total being towed.

    That isn't the plan Eric has and nun of the TT websites mention them, why is that? Bill
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