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  2. Transfer Switch (IOTA-50R)

    I know this is an old "string" of comments, but I wanted to share that this past Saturday afternoon, 5/19/18, I experienced the same overheating / small fire incident with my Iota ITS-50R transfer switch in my motorhome (see attached photos). This past Saturday evening my son and in-laws hosted a surprise 30th birthday celebration for his wife (who is a great daughter-in-law!) in Lake Charles, LA. My wife and I took our motorhome to keep the party a surprise (staying with my son in his home would have ruined the surprise). While getting ready for the party, all power inside the motorhome suddenly went out. First I walked outside to see if the A+ RV Park near Sulphur, LA had experienced a power failure. Hearing lots of RV A/Cs humming, I next checked the power pedestal to see if the 50 amp breaker had tripped (answer was no). Next I checked 50 amp breaker inside the motorhome -- it was OK. So next I opened the left rear compartment where the shore power cable is stored and was stunned to see the burned power selector box!! My first thought was "what the **** did I screw up now ?!". My second thought was to say a prayer of thanks to God and my guardian angel that "only" the selector switch caught fire! After safely returning home yesterday, my Goggling yesterday evening found a lot of information including safety recalls for the Iota transfer switch. Thor Industries issued safety recalls for Iota switches used in their Keystone RVs which has me very disappointed, even angry, that Thor has not issued a safety recall for Iota transfer switches used in their Damon motorhomes! Earlier this morning I submitted my incident to Thor Customer Service requesting that Thor pay all costs for a new switch. I'll let the forum know how Thor responds. All I can say is if fellow forum members still have an Iota ITS-50R power transfer switch to get it inspected / replaced "now". Also, I had nothing stored in the compartment where the Iota switch resides except for two small rolls of coaxial cable and a 150 foot extension cord. That would be a good practice for everyone -- don't store stuff in electrical equipment compartments! Since this thread is years old, should I start a new post sharing my experience? The smell of burned electrical wires and burned plastic will stay with me for a long time....
  3. Thanks to all for the info and insight. I think a trip to a Verizon company store would be useful as a last check on switching phones. We had planned to do the sim card thing at a store anyway. Hank FMCA 155625 2005 Mandalay DP
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  5. Hello. You may want to check out the Membership Directory at -- accessible via the Membership tab/Membership Dashboard. The search function makes it possible to look for "Pinch Hit Drivers" in a particular city or state. These are members who have agreed to drive a member's RV in an emergency situation, at the owner's expense. Here is a link to the search page: It is possible to filter by state and also by Pinch Hit Driver. Pamela Kay, Director of Communications, Publishing
  6. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    We'd love to get together with others, but we won't be arriving until early on the 18th. We kind of decided to go to Gillette at the last minute, and that's the soonest that we'll be able to pull in.
  7. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    You are correct - 8V71. On my trip from NJ to Wisconsin it actually used almost no oil at all. The engine has less than 42K miles (actual original miles, not since rebuild) so it's really still a new engine in many respects. I do carry a few gallons with us, but unless something goes wrong I don't expect the oil use to go up suddenly.
  8. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    Richard/ your engine looks like an 8V71. They are known to use quite a bit of oil. Probably would be a good idea to carry extra oil with you on the way to Gillette.
  9. Engine Air flow by displacement

    There is a reason for that right now! will expand on that at a latter time. Slowing down does not tend to slow down the curiosity ! Rich.
  10. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    Is anyone interested in getting together in Gillette? Last time in Perry had very few folks there. I will have a social at my coach if you'll would like. I can post my location on the 12th the day I arrive. Is Tuesday afternoon the 17th say 4:00 pm, all right with everyone? It will be before any activities begin. Bring chairs and your choice of beverages. Herman
  11. Engine Air flow by displacement

    Rich, You know I like you. But you have way too much time on your hands. Herman
  12. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    The chassis system was 24v from the factory and still is. All the bus systems are 24v, including dash lights, headlights, marker lights, etc. The only 12v bus system that I've found so far is the circuit for the daytime running lights which provides 12v to the headlights for daytime half-power use. I haven't had too much trouble finding replacement bulbs for anything yet, and what I cannot get from Amazon I can get from Luke. The other things that I've replaced such as driver fan are available in 24v from truck supply houses. The only 12v thing I've installed for use while traveling is the car stereo, and it is tied to the house battery bank. As originally configured from Custom Coach, about half of the house systems were tied into the chassis battery. With the exception of two pieces (servo for rear window Venetian blinds & actuator for pneumatic step cover) everything has been changed to run on the 12v house batteries. The two remaining pieces were left as 24v because I cannot find 12v replacements for the servo & actuator, and if I did there was no access provided without disassembling cabinetry. Just didn't seem worth the effort, especially since the step cover is only used while on the road and the blinds are usually kept closed since they are behind the TV. All the DC lighting is now LED, and I've added additional lights where there was only 120v lighting installed. Many of these older Custom Coach conversions didn't have a real house battery bank installed at all. They used the generator 8D start battery to provide power to the 12v systems, and were designed to be plugged in or on shore power whenever they were parked. Obviously this setup was not going to work with dry camping and needed to be changed. Apparently things were done much differently in 1974 than they are now. We installed four Trojan L16G batteries for a total of 780Ah. The charger is a Progressive Dynamics 9270 which puts out 70 amps. There is also a Sterling 24v-to-12v battery-to-battery charger which allows the house batteries to charge directly from the chassis alternator while on the road at 70 amps. The Sterling is a modern multi-stage charger and a step above just using an equalizer since it won't over charge. We do not have an equalizer, and if I'm running 12v systems while driving I just turn on the Sterling charger. The last step of the system, which I'm still working on, is the solar. Right now I'm working to make the bus 'solar ready' and installing a Victron 150/85 MPPT charge controller. Panels will follow soon. Since we have over-the-road a/c and don't plan on running the a/c while dry camping (yet) there was no need for a huge inverter. We installed the PSW Samlex which puts out 2000 watts. Due to the configuration of the 120v breaker panel and the use of a manual transfer switch I was not able to tie it into the existing 120v system and opted to install a few parallel outlets from the inverter. We've got outlets front and rear from the inverter as well as one in the wet bay. Eventually we plan to reconfigure the 120v breaker panel to allow for installation of an inverter/charger which is tied to the 120v system with an automatic transfer switch. We're planning to be at Gillette and would love to have you take a look at the setup if you're there, and possibly we can see how your rig is set up as well.
  13. Engine Air flow by displacement

    I had some time the other day to do a little math on just how much air by volume goes through an internal combustion engine by displacement. The following is some of the process I went through to calculate air intake in a large gas power engine or a medium sized Diesel engine. The PDF file covers the sources of the equations used and some interesting numbers. The rate of the air flow in MPH kind of stood out and offered a good baseline for why one wants to keep the system clean and in good condition. The interesting item that kind of stands out is the difference in aspirated engines and engines with the addition of turbo chargers efficiency changes. Kind of give one the key reason why when a turbo power systems power drops off so much when that system is compromised in any way. Rich. Engine Air flow by displacement.pdf
  14. Leveling blocks

    Hadn't heard that that's funny!😄
  15. Moving my motorhome 20 miles: Carson City, NV

    Dickmasse, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! There are members that offer to drive other members coaches / RV's and some offer to be helping hands when it comes to getting some work done on things. Could you offer some information on the overall condition of your motorhome - Like how long it has been in storage and it it might need some TLC or some other work before it is ready to move. Also, is it a Gas powered unit or Diesel and what size unit is it ? Rich.
  16. Leveling blocks

    Let's not forget that it is a "stabilizer" and not a leveling jack, although I would not take a bet that it is not used for that.
  17. New RV Sat TV

    I don't think I was disappointed. I have had the external hard drive for 3 years or more and I used it along with the VIP-722k. I had two 722's here at the house. Not wanting to interrupt the one in the main viewing room I would take the second one with me. The main viewing area is where I would hook up the external HD and transfer any recording that we wanted to take along with us. It was very nice when I did not want to set up the portable antenna for a one night stop. We could watch our recordings. Much more aesthetically pleasing display when you load from the Ext HD back to the 722k. With the new MH and the SK-1000 I had switched over to the Hopper3 and the MH has the Wally. I needed to hook up to the Wally and reformat the HD the last time out. It worked as it should work. Now I'm wondering, and I'm going to find out very soon, if I pull the HD out of the MH, take it to the house and plug it into the Hopper will I still be able to transfer programs to the Ext HD? I'm going to find a separate power supply for the Wally and another USB to SCA cable instead of having to fish things out of the cabinet. I wish the Wally had a built in OTA but alas I'll have to use the in-line OTA. I just need to figure out which of the many OTA antenna cables, if any are close to the Wally.
  18. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    Richard, that is a good looking bus convert. I do have a question or two, one, does this unit have a equalizer on the 24 volt system, if not there are inverters that use 24 volt, My coach does have an equalizer, but it is a 1988 model. Having an equalizer means that you can pull from one 12 volt battery for powering a 12 volt system from your 24 volt, without damaging either battery because of excessive drain from pulling from only one, very handy in my case, and of course all lights are 24 volt except headlights, they are 12 volt, which makes them much easier to find replacements. If you notice most Prevosts has stacked all clearance lights one over one, that way the two are wired in series, so that 12 volt is used in the 24 volt system. There are many tricks that can be used in a convert to make life less difficult. My bus has a 24volt, 180 amp alternator, and since I do not use the bus air, I have a 5000 watt 240 volt inverter, which allows me to pull two roof airs right off the bus 24 volt system, just don't leave them running when the bus is not running. I did like to hear those old manual trannys shifting with an experienced driver, with the old 2 stroke detroits. My coach still has the Detroit 6v92, 335 HP with 1050 ft. lbs. @ 1600 rpm, it is a 4 speed Allison ht740 auto tranny, best fuel mileage is 68 to 72 mph, perfect for most interstates.
  19. When looking into the FMCA data plan, I came to the conclusion that the plan offered was for one jetpack data device only, no sharing with other hotspots. If you use the plan, any phone that will connect to wifi will connect to the data device as long as it is used like wifi, not through the phone network. I use Verizon for data as well but it is through an individual plan, not FMCA. The $20.00 per month is a line charge for each device that you plan to use on the phone network, and does not include data usage in the event that you go over your data limit for that plan. If your sons phone is an unlocked version, then you should be able to switch by simply moving the sim card if the card will fit the new phone, if not then an adequate sim card will be necessary to make the change. Your son can contact his carrier and ask if they will unlock the phone in the event that it is. Phone locking usually occurs in the event that a person chooses a plan to get the phone for a reduced or free price with a particular carrier for a contract time frame, most do not have an automatic removal when the contract ends, but most carriers will unlock if you ask them to, and the contract has expired on that device. The FMCA plan is great up to 25 gig, but if you stream or use data in excess of 25 gig per month, the downgrading from 4g to 2g is to say the least, very annoying. I would advise that you take both the phone that you want to replace, and your sons phone to a Verizon center and ask that they make the swap for you, there should very small to no charge for them to make it happen, rather than just calling and getting a different rep each time. Face to face always works best for me.
  20. If your old plan didn't have a smart phone, then you'll probably need to add a data plan in order to bring the smartphone over. You don't need to buy the phone from Verizon, as long as it's one that will work on their network. My understanding that the FMCA plan being offered for MiFi is a stand-alone plan. You'll still need to have a data plan on your phone's plan if you have a smartphone or want to order one. The FMCA data plan through the Jetpack has a much higher data limit than most of the lower-priced phone data plans. If you only use a small amount of data then you' might have no need for the FMCA plan. You might be able to use your new smartphone as a hotspot and connect your laptap & iPad, but of course you'll be using the data allowance in your smartphone's plan. If you connect your iPad and HP laptop through Wifi, then you still won't need the FMCA plan. If, however, you are looking for a way to connect and get online when there is no Wifi and/or use the internet above and beyond what your smartphone's plan allows, then you might find the FMCA plan just what you're looking for.
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  22. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    Re/ shifting. Traveled in many buses as a youngster. That was an important way to get around in the south ( 40's and 50's ). Remember a lot of drivers wearing Greyhound and Continental Trailways uniforms that ground gears. Engine and tranny being in the back made it tough to shift because the driver could not shift by listening to the engine. Seems to me that the Europeans used fully synchronized manual Trannys in their trucks and buses. Not so overhere . You probably have a five speed? Maybe Kay has a suggestion or two.
  23. Greetings, I have been requested to move my motorhome from a storage area in Carson City, NV a short distance, about 20 miles, I think, because they are wanting to do construction in the area I'm stored in now. Is there someone in our association that would be able to accomplish this for us as we are in the process of selling and moving our home back east. We are unable to get out to NV to accomplish this in a timely manner because of the requirements of our showing, closing, mortgage arrangement etc, responsibilities. Any assistance/advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  24. I've had a Verizon MiFi for several years, I'm on my third different model. I recently upgraded my smart phone and checked to see how much I'm paying for just the MiFi. They told me that it only adds $20 to my bill as I was thinking of switching to FMCA. Didn't change.
  25. Mid West rally in Iowa

    We were planning on doing Gillette but had to change our plans. We are going to go to the Midwest rally Aug 8,9,10 &11 in Amana Iowa instead. Anybody else?
  26. Hank, I use my MiFi for the internet only. I don't make calls through it nor do I stream movies. I have not had any issues whatsoever with ours. My fife and I both have Smart Phones and she uses it for Facebook however I do not. Good for what I use it for. Herman
  27. We signed up a month ago. Wife has an IPAD 128 (a lot of Facebook), old style texting phone and I still have a flip phone plus an HP laptop we travel with. Very good usage experience so far traveling between South Dakota, Indiana and then Maryland; not even close to our 25 Gb limit. Then my son offered me his wife's old Smart Phone to replace my flip. Chat on May 7 with Verizon said we could do a free straight hardware swap with just a new SIM card. Son was surprised as he thought I would have to get an additional data plan. Contacted Verizon today to do rest of the transaction and a different rep said we could NOT swap the phones. So we are slightly confused..a couple questions: 1. Are folks who already have Smart Phones doing the Verizon FMCA offer? If so, does that only work if you are not already on a contract? 2. For folks like us still living in the hardware dark ages who want to go "smart" sounds like the only way is to dump the old phone and buy a Verizon smart phone with an additional data package...? That would defeat the purpose of the FMCA plan so I am obviously missing something here. Hank FMCA 155625 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda Toad On the road in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  28. 1974 GMC 4108 - Custom Coach Land Cruiser

    Nice looking bus. I am to lazy to drive standard any more. Have you looked at one of the Bus Nut Chapters in your area? Bill
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