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  3. LUXOR4US, Welcome to the FMCA Forums and to the extended Family!
  4. None. Not on this bus, which is a 1974 and none on our previous bus which was a 1964. Like I said earlier, having an agent that is on your side makes all the difference. When we got the new bus I provided her with photographs of the exterior & interior, information about the conversion (which was done by Custom Coach), and anything else they needed to know. She took it all to underwriting and came back with a policy from Progressive. We do have full coverage, and it is set on a pre-determined value which we set based on value at the time of purchase. We had a professional appraisal done to back up the number we used. Of course, they will only pay up to that value and will adjust as it gets older and has more miles on it. We've also got a liability rider on top of the vehicle policy which provides liability should anyone be injured while in the coach while we are living or camping in it. Apparently this type of loss is only minimally covered without the rider, and I'd suspect that many people don't know that the coverage is available. We got $500,000 liability coverage for $5/year, which seemed like a no-brainer. One other advantage we had is that Wisconsin is a state with a requirement to carry liability, which means that companies are required to write policies unless they have good cause not to. At the least, getting liability wasn't going to be a problem since anyone with a street-legal vehicle and a good driving record can pretty much get some type of liability.
  5. T., Welcome to the Forum. What you saw was the 99th FMCA National Convention and RV Show in Perry, GA. We have on the average 2,300 RVs at one of the Rallies. There are two of these Rallies each year. Our next one will be in Minot N.D. August 14-17, 2019. It will be our 100th. If you are not a member of FMCA please send me a Personal Message and I will guide you through the process and then you and Sarah can get all the benefits and a wonderful magazine. You can send me a PM by clicking on my picture and select the envelope and send me a message. Look forward to hearing from you. Again welcome. Herman
  6. DickandLois

    Tag axle

    The pressure is present, is that at the air lines feeding the air bags? On some coaches it is preset and on others it is adjustable. Could you post the last time you tried you tried to raise and lower the tag? Rich. Might try to raise the tag when in travel mode, Monaco mentions lees then 10 MPH And many coaches have an alarm and light when the tag axle is raised.
  7. Greetings, We are the Morans, Sarah & T. On our way to Florida we went past Perty Ga and we were stunned to see all the Rvs and wondered aloud, what in the world is going on there. Sarah googled it and wala, thats when we found out about Fmca. We liked what we saw, and not being happy with our not so good sam club experiences we made the move. We have been rving part time for 3 years or so in our vintage cherry 1997 Winnebago Luxor, Verde, towing our ford ranger salsa verde. I am retired and Sarah works remotely when we are on the road. We are newly weds with 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren and 2 fur babies. We recently downsized our home base so we could travel more and do less maintenance and upkeep. Best move ever. We look forward to being a part of the Fmca family . community and meeting a lot of ya'll, until then, safe travels, happy trails..... P.s. included some pics of our latest adventures
  8. Richard, have you had any issues insuring your bus due to its age and is full coverage an option due to its age?

    Tag axle

    Pressure on guage is about 40
  10. Bodonnell - Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Do you have an insurance agent that you use for your other insurance (homeowners, auto, etc.)? If so, I'd suggest you give them a call. If you don't work through an agent, maybe consider it. I've found that having a good agent who is knowledgeable is the best thing I've done with insurance in all the years I've been buying coverage. Our agent was able to shop the coverage to the various companies, and she was able to work with the underwriting department to be sure that the coverage we got was what we needed.
  11. Call Good Sam. They'll shop around for you to find the best deal.
  12. Last week, I ordered a quote from Miller Insurance. They didn't quote what I wanted, nor did they say what insurance company they were quoting. Sent them an email asking for explanations. Just got a call from a rep who didn't have the answers at hand. When I said that when you call someone who's asked for info, you ought to have the information they wanted ready, she finally looked at my file and told me "We right everyone the same and then call them to talk specifics." When I objected to this, her comment was "This relationship is not going anywhere". She's right - I hung up the phone. The script she was following is vintage "bait and switch" and totally undermines any trust I might've had with them. Bottom line: if you want your specific requests honored and want to know who you're buying insurance from, go elsewhere.
  13. We are RV newbies, and recently bought a new to us 2000 National Tradewinds motor coach in Mesa, Arizona. We would like to have the tires changed and diesel maintenance service done before we bring it home to Oklahoma. Does anyone know of a reputable place that can do both (preferably), or either of these services in the Mesa, Arizona area?
  14. One would think it would be impossible for something to windup in the area, but the rack and spur gears are exposed to the outside road dirt. Building a total shield would take a metal brake and hrs. of work. Think that might be one reason a number of them are hydraulic. However that system suffers from it's own issues and weaknesses. Over 110,000 miles on this coach over all kinds of roads and weather conditions, you just know something is going to whacked by something on the road. Brett mentioned that the Texas stone is in time out, but it could have originate from a number of states, and those super wide replacements for duel's just will not clear the underside of a Diesel class A. Eating one on Rt. 95 in heavy traffic proved that and the damage to a towed can be devastating . Rich.
  15. Nice when it turns out to be something simple. Any way to shield the track from future invasions?
  16. Thanks for the update. Kind of a devil to find even if it is kind of out in the open. Good job ! Grounds are always the key issue for many of the electrical issues. Rich.
  17. Excellent news-- far better than a serious mechanical issue. Guess the stone is now in "TIME OUT".
  18. Well, the slide issue has been resolved for now. I use grease to lubricate the mechanical parts and it appears that a small stone or something stuck in the rack gear. this stopped the full extension of the rear unit. Good for now and when we get home I will do a good cleaning of the mechanical assembly. Then a relub job. Rich.
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