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  2. Wayne, I asked him early on why if he liked the Roadmaster cord did he change to Blue Ox. He never responded. I wish him well and hopefully he feels good about his one man vendetta against the number one provider of towing equipment.
  3. Welcome to the retired club. SLOW DOWN!!!! You are retired not on a rushed vacation. Like Carl said 2 days is not enough time in Big Bend. You have plenty of time to get to Florida for the holidays. Bill
  4. Consider all of the people posting that they have experienced good customer service with BO. I'll bet if you take a poll there would be more favorable results FOR BO than negative. Consider all the alternatives given to you and just don't purchase Blue Ox Products. You'll be happy and those of us getting good CS will be happy.
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  6. Right across the street from the Alamo is "The River Walk." Take the boat ride. Also, the Alamo is one of the "Missions." Take a half day or more to visit the missions on the mission trail.
  7. The only color I've ever seen Blue Ox use is blue.
  8. No it's blue. Well it has been 2 years so far and it looks like new, well a little dirty. I can't believe someone would spend $100.00 on a coil cord. Bill
  9. The set up on this tank to check the oil is not very good, . The dipsticks are on top of the tank and go through a rubber O ring and it's very easy to have the O ring fall into the tank. The dip sticks themselves are only a couple of inches long. I'll take one out tomorrow and make a jig to use as a dipstick the same length only less diameter so I don't have to keep pushing the dipstick through the rubber O ring. then carefully put the real one back in. Thanks for your post, I'll keep you updated. Fingers crossed.
  10. On a recent 3000 mile trip with my cat 3126b in a winnebago ultimate advantage I experienced low power and vibration along with lots of blow by on my tow car. I found another forum that helped me with some troubleshooting. I found that when I unplug the injection actuation pressure sensor the engine still runs. If I understand correctly this means it is bad? Would this align with the issues I was experiencing? Any help would be great. Thank you!
  11. Are there any marks on the dipstick? I would be happier if it was closed to the middle. Have you cycled the jacks a few times? Bill
  12. Welcome to the forum. Interesting old coach, does it run? Bill
  13. I set the "salesmen's" switch to the store setting when I store the RV. I don't have any light or additional items on except perhaps the carbon monoxide monitor that is on always on. Not sure what other things could be draining. No appliances such as fridge are on.
  14. Have you contacted Generac support, my last MH with a Generac generator, I used them several times and found pretty good support. 24/7/365 CUSTOMER SUPPORTUnited States & Canada: 888-GENERAC (888-436-3722)
  15. You need to let us know if there is anything that will be draining the batteries while in storage, such as a monitoring system, burglar alarm system, or even a possible light turned on and off occasionally, and how many amps or watts do they pull, in order to get a good answer to the question. If you use a battery disconnect while in storage, a small system could work ok, but if no disconnect system is used and there is any drain, that needs to be taken into consideration for sizing.
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  17. I have a 2011 Damon Daybreak (now Thor) with two 6v deep cycle house batteries in series. I have to store the MH in a location with no shore power. I would like to setup a solar system to keep the charge up on the house batteries. I am uncertain as to what wattage is needed to keep the charge up. I have looked at Harbor Freight and there is a kit that opens a 13 Watt set of panels. Also there is a 25 Watt panel and also a set of 4 25 watt panels. A battery charge regulator is available along with assorted cables. Which would likely be adequate to keep the two batteries charged? Final question is would I connect the positive cable to the positive terminal of the first battery and the negative to the negative terminal of the second battery in the series?
  18. Hello: I am seeking some information on the attached pictures. We cannot find any information and all help is greatly appreciated. Someone said this may be a Rothliner and a gentleman in MN made these and only made 4 of them. If anyone has any information it would help us!!
  19. The oil is right on the bottom of the dipstick. Thanks
  20. I have it scheduled to be looked at by Cummins sales and service center. Hopefully they can resolve it without too much expense.
  21. The meter has 825 hrs. The coolant was a little low. Topped it off but it still shuts down almost after 6 minutes every time.
  22. This is great news I hope, another name brand with a much smaller price tag than Honda. I hope that they perform and lasts as well as Honda.
  23. Yes as I stated, this does look like a crazy question, but the engineer trade in me makes me ask stupid looking questions to other people. The color BLACK is the only color in the world that is naturally ultra violet proof, all other colors need an additive to prevent ultra violet damage from the sun. This is why you never see any other color on an electric company's outdoor lines. Now if you are on the sea, all outdoor wires are white, that's because the salt spray damages black first and white last, salt and ultra violet together have the same effect as chlorine.
  24. One more crazy question from me, do you have a brake treadle (one that looks similar to the accelerator), or a brake pedal that looks similar to an automobile? That type actuator does look like a standard air brake, and if this is the case, Richard is correct, the drive axel brakes need to inspected because they probably are spring loaded, which means that there is no adjustment. I have been searching the internet and it does look as though your brakes are air over hydraulic, and Brett is probably correct that the emergency brake is located on the drive shaft. If this is correct, there will be a drum mounted on the drive shaft with drum brake shoes. If this style, there will be a slack adjuster behind the plate behind the drum with an air piston that actually works the parking brake, biggest problem with this style park brake is that only one wheel actually locks because of the way a differential works, also if this is a diesel pusher with this style park brake, there is a high probability of grease buildup within the assembly causing slippage, brake shoes rarely wear out on this style but if grease is the problem, then a thorough cleaning of the assembly and new shoes should be used. Sorry I did not see this earlier because it appears within the quote. If the brakes are disc both front and rear, no that is not the case but most likely just as I described above referring to Brett's quote. Only other scenario is that there may be small brake shoes incorporated within a small drum that is made onto the rear wheel rotors, in which a cable may have been used, and I highly doubt this is your style as I have never seen this style used on anything larger than a 3/4 ton pickup. And yes, disc brakes are always self adjusting, and it is illegal to incorporate an emergency brake system into disc style brake, they must be able to be actuated either by hand or foot, and separate from the normal braking system.
  25. Yes you did, Bill. I betcha it won't last 50,000 miles or 7 years, whichever comes first. Did you get it in white or brown?
  26. If they're disc, probably not...
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