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  3. Yea. Bill, take it to PM...I'll do the same! Joe, sorry about that. But, I will say (I'm on subject) I'm happy my wife want's to take care of inside off coach! 😁
  4. WAY off topic posts deleted.
  5. Wow can you guys drift off topic. stay focused
  6. That's a first. Carl
  7. Thank you so much. I have taken many pictures and I will attach. Currently there are no leaks and I'm checking after it storms. I will keep posting as I make progress. Myf
  8. Correct, it's always nice to hear that the folks on Forum helped. Happy travels. Herman
  9. Excellent. Thanks for the update.
  10. wolfe10

    1976 Apollo 2600 RB

    Guys, Let's keep this thread on track, not Covid-19, supplements, etc. 1976 Apollo 2600 RB in the Technical/Engine section
  11. Hello Forum, Problem solved with the help of f442485!! It was the ignition control module. Runs great now! Thanks again to all for their input! You guys rock!! Greetings, AndyK
  12. Unless it's a re breathable scrub system, it's of little value to you or me! The mask we have is a joke! Not much more value than a bandanna, just MHO. There are no new cases in Dallas County!
  13. If your getting water from roof into coach? Check all the caulking around the items that are on the roof...Marshmallow roof? Never seen that...Picture of roof would help! Due to the size of your front window, I would go talk to a Auto glass shop, yours are small. Do you have a cover that is the same size as the one your missing? Is it ABS or metal? Either a fiberglass mold or a 3D Plasma shop can make a duplicate. Auto paint shop should be able to match your color.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Yep, I've done the same with my ATT MiFi. Great little devices.
  16. When I got certified on the new refrigerant we also had a class and a test to be certified. If you top off a A/C unit with r134a in a r1234yf unit you contaminate the system which is illegal. Please read number 6 in the link. https://macsworldwide.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/keeping-the-facts-straight-on-r-1234yf/
  17. Yes Wayne, the Verizon Jet Pack is like having a Land line router for your internet. I have had 4 different computers on it at the same time. Herman
  18. MiFi's work the same way and I'd guess the Verizon Jet pack is a MiFi.
  19. Thank you, It was the inverter
  20. Thank you All, It was the inverter, I didn't realize the inverter needed to be off. I am in Denver Colorado and looking for any help I can get. I was hoping to join a class, (getting to know your RV) but with Covid I think I'll be learning as I go. I took her over to Cousins RV yesterday and basically wasted my time. They quoted me 15,500 to replace the roof and they never got up on the roof to inspect! Someone there had worked for Monaco and said he could go over her with me and fix her roof but after I got there it became clear that all the staff wanted to do is try and find her "hidden pictures" in her mural. I bought her because I had to close down my Esthetics Salon after 18+ years, I just could not afford the monthly lease. I have been looking for 2 years and when Covid 19 happened I felt the need to jump and finally get a mobile salon up and running. I have removed some cabinets and started refinishing her woodwork, removed the club chair, table, dining table and couch. I am looking at laminate flooring to replace the carpet. She had interior water damage on one side so I started pulling off her wallpaper, the wood particle board and the foam layer. What I currently need to know is: The marshmallow looking product that the previous owner put on her roof to repair the leaks is enough or do I need to get a new roof? where can I get a replacement windshield (driver side) , and a missing latch door that covers my propane tank? I am not opposed to digging through junk yards, getting my hands dirty and doing the work myself but I would like to know what I can do myself and what needs to be done by a professional. Thank you, Thank you Myf
  21. The Verizom jet pack is a wifi unit. It is what I used both at the house(all metal building),and in the coach. It is plugged in an turned on 24/7. Just move it between the two. Herman
  22. Yes, I have a D-Link also but it still needs a WiFi connection. D-Link is a good camera and if you get the right one you can swivel it remotely for other views of the MH. If the WiFi is the phone Hot Spot then it will not work when you are away from the MH as the Hot Spot will be out of range. A dedicated WiFi/MiFi is needed to access cameras.
  23. We use D-Link Wi-Fi cameras, works with any wifI connection, download the app to your phone, se,t it up with your phone we have six cameras and can control any or all from the same app. Cost about $50.00 per camera.
  24. Ray, The 2 Freon's are compatible. The difference is price and 1234yf is flammable. Because of the molecular structure the compressors tend to run cooler, but a spark can light the 1234yf. Not much of an issue in Diesel coaches, but I do wonder about gas powered vehicles as the ignition systems age. There is a flammability warning in the safety data sheet. Some AC Compressor builders are using a different PAG oil for the 1234yf. Rich.
  25. I have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I do not disconnect the negative battery terminal and have never had a problem. Also the way my Jeep is setup there is nothing on at all in the Jeep when towing. I did have a separate plug install to handle my brake buddy but that is it.
  26. Thank you for all your help, I put R134A in the system as that is the type of refrigerant listed on system. The gauge read 33 when I was finished and I had cold air coming into coach. I have not driven it yet but hope that it is better than it was. Thanks for all of your help
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