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  2. For the Lincoln Nautilus I haven't been able to find a wiring kit for the brake/tail lights. Blue Ox says they have not made one as they haven't figured it out yet. Road master has wiring instruction for Lincoln Nautilus and Navigator with pictures. Locale ford dealer got for me But, it has a switch to remove power when driving and on when towing. I think I get the switch not to have stray current going to the computer. " Run the flat four wiring harness through the fire wall and wire it to the post side of the remote battery disconnect" My Nautilus has no such remote battery disconnect that I know of and not where it is pictured in wiring instructions. The owners manual says if battery power is low or lost the car will come out of neutral and shift to park. stumped. J Guess
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  4. I just used Foxfire on my iPhone and it worked well.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Have you called FMCA? Bill
  6. We have been using this card for the last month. Discounts are real and as stated Loves gives the best discount. We have used it around Eastern Canada and although there is no discount there, it starts the pump in any line and no putting a credit card in 3 times to get a fill. Love this card.
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  8. Unfortunately if have had very warm connector at the box from time to time. Not burning hot, but still hot. I think it is a fault of the pedestal. This thread piqued my curiosity so I went outside with the thermal thing-a-ma-jig and took a reading. The outside ambient temperature is 88 degrees. The box is in the Sun but the box cover is down over the plug. The reading was 95 degrees. With 3 air conditioners running I think that is extremely reasonable.
  9. What browser are you using? IE 10 and Edge many times will do me the same way, try Google Chrome or Firefox to see if any better.
  10. Another thing to think about is, what gauge wire at the home hookup, and how far away from the main home breaker source. As mentioned above be sure to check the home receptacle for loose connections.
  11. I believe that's a feature of the unit - ours does it too. Probably to make sure that the power is stable before connecting anything. Ours actually protected us last week while plugged into a campground pedestal. Suddenly everything went dark outside of the 12v lighting. I figured we'd tripped a breaker since we were plugged into 30 amp only, so I set out in the rain to check the pedestal. No sooner did I get out there and start to investigate when the power protector made it's usual loud clank and then turned the power back on. Looked like the power dropped for a moment, and the unit did its job of shutting things off. Nice to know they work as they should.
  12. Our surge protector also takes it's time checking things out. It is also a Progress Industries unit.
  13. The EFS card has been around for maybe 30 years or so. I used it extensively from the early nineties while running an 18 wheeler. Comdata is also an old faithful. Must be really competitive out there if they are going after onesies and twosies. Both were reputable when I was still working
  14. Welcome to FMCA! Sorry that you're having difficulty printing your membership cards. If you go to www.fmca.com and login, you'll see a few icons on the right side of the screen. The second one down is for the membership dashboard. Select that icon. Once you're in the membership dashboard, on the left hand side there will be one item which says 'view your digital kit'. Select this item. On the right hand side of the page that opens, you'll see the text which says 'your member ID card' with a picture of a membership card beneath it. Click on the picture of the membership card. You should then be prompted to open and/or save the PDF file which contains your membership card. Here's where you have to know your own computer and browser, because whether or not you see the pop-up for the PDF file will depend on how you have security settings configured. Hopefully you see something pop up asking you to open and/or save the file. Once you get the PDF file open, you can print it like any other document.
  15. Is the plug on the end of the cord one which was molded on at the factory or one which you can open and look inside? If you can open it, then you can easily check the connections inside it. I've had those get loose over time. If it's a molded plug, you'll have to examine thoroughly to see if there are any signs of water getting in and causing corrosion. I cut one off earlier this year on an older shore power cord I had, and when I went to install a new plug on the end of the wires I had to cut back about 8" to get to copper which was not discolored from corrosion. Apparently water had gotten in that cord.
  16. Sometimes difficult to determine the root cause. Could have been started by loose prongs on a CG outlet you plugged into months ago. Once electrical connections start to degrade they can progress reasonably quickly, particularly if your current demand is high (resistance times amps= lots of watts of heating). If this is an outlet you use often (like at home), when you plug in, is the connection TIGHT (not easy to put in/pull out)? That is what you want. DeOxit can also be applied to the shore power prongs and pushed in/out/in out 5-6 times to "clean the contacts".
  17. ok.... I can tell you I always have breaker off when I plug in, and turn it off before unplugging. (although the power doesn't come on for about 5 minutes with the Progressing Surge Protector anyway. The plug prongs are not dirty. Common problem is loose connections from cable to ATS. I had my ATS replaced last year because of this... maybe it's time to check the connections? Maybe they are coming loose.
  18. Clean or replace your power cable's make plug and check your house receptacle (with the power of) for arc burns. Do you always turn of the power when plugging on your coach? Some of the main reasons for a hot power cable are dirty or arc burned plugs, a loose or bad connection and/or under size power cable. I have seen many power cable's where the pins are loose due to overheating. Good luck and let us know what you find. Herman
  19. How might I go about testing to see the root cause of the issue?
  20. Short answer is BE CONCERNED. Resistance with current flow= heat. The more the heat, the more the wire/connection degrades producing more resistance. Repeat until something fails. And on 50 amp power, if the neutral fails, voltage has no "reference point" and can vary from extremely low to extremely high. This can easily damage 120 VAC appliances and the inverter/charger in your coach. Replace whatever has failed. Even if the root cause was a bad outlet, if the shore power cord has degraded, replace it/or at least the bad end.
  21. Coach: 2014 Itasca (Winnebago) Ellipse (Tour) 42qd Everything is working fine.... but.... The 50amp shore power plug is very hot to the touch. Just the plastic part where the prongs come out and plug into the outlet. We are plugged into a surge protector Progressive EMS PT50X and all readings are good. All reading are good inside on the EMS. This is our home plug. I'll be plugged into a park pedestal next week and will see if it has the same issue. 50amp cable doesn't feel that hot. No signs of heat damage / melting anywhere.... Outside temperature is about 100F. Wondering if I should be concerned? Also wondering if I should get one of those temperature reading laser gun thingys so I can monitor heat on things such as this.
  22. Cannot print new membership cards! It says to click icon above, but no icon!
  23. Craig, it sounds like your back and gray tanks share a vent pipe. Our last Motorhome was set up this way and I had the same issue as you. I opened an access panel to fix a leak and noticed that the factory never glued my vent, they were just press fitted and one had vibrated loose. Richard posted a link above for a tool that would probably help you locate where the are connections in the wall and it sounds like you will need to do some investigating.
  24. If you've got water coming out when you fill to capacity with water, no doubt you've got sewer gas coming out the same place when it's not filled so much. Can you see the top of the tank from both sides so that you can see all the way around where the toilet enters? Perhaps it's time to add something like this to your tool box: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MYTHWK4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It will allow you to see in places you can't otherwise, like behind the tank connections.
  25. Craig, Does it leak only when you fill it to its capacity? If so then it may be the connection where the toilet connects to the tank. I myself would not worry about it because you never are that full of sewerage before you dump. Herman
  26. I have a 2004 Damon 3465 model when I’m cleaning my black water tank I fill it to where it’s full and then it starts to leak is there a breather on top of the tank . I’ve checked the top of the tank and there is no sewer vent that goes to the top of the roof only on the gray water it has a vent . Since I’ve owned it I’ve always smell sewer gas in the lower compartments . I filled the black tank with a hose in to the toilet and the water does not come up in the toilet when it’s completely full that’s when it starts leaking out from the black tank but I can’t see where it’s leaking at .
  27. DickandLois


    Mark, How are you making out? From the information at this link, what is the model closest to yours? file:///C:/Users/Data Base/Desktop/generac_QP55.65.75.pdf Rich.
  28. There is a new diesel fuel discount program offered by TSD Logistics that gives substantial discounts at EFS locations (Love's, T/A, Flying J, etc). Program details TSD Fuel Discount Program The savings can be .20¢ to .40¢ per gallon depending on where you fuel. If you're interested you need to download, fill out and submit the Non-Motor Carrier forms from the website. The payment is handled as an ACH transaction through your bank checking account (similar to the RV Plus card but this is processed once per day). TSD's fee for this service is 10% of whatever the savings is. If there is no savings, then the transaction is processed free of charge.According to a conversation I had with them their best arrangement is with Love's where the savings can be in the .40¢ range, and T/A is in the .20¢ range. Pilot/Flying J is in the .05¢ range so if you have the RV Plus card you're better off using it.I am receiving daily pricing sheets for Loves, T/A and PFJ. If you're interested in receiving one or more of them just send me a PM with your email address.
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